2014 Book Reading Challenge Results [❁]

December 07, 2014

As early as now, I can conclude already that I won't be able to achieve my goal to read 15 books this year. (;° ロ°) I have finished 5 books and I'm currently reading 2 books. The first one is an e-book and the other one is in paperback. I was able to complete my book challenge last year (even went beyond) and this is actually what motivated me to do the challenge again this year. I even raised my goal to 15 books this year. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this time.

I tried looking onto this result to discover possible factors responsible for my output this year, and I came with two things that I did differently for the challenge this year compared to the previous one:

I had no regular reading schedule. 
Having no time to spare to read books is never an excuse. Of course you have time, you just need to consciously set aside some for it. Last year, I had the habit of reading my current book in the afternoon or just before going to sleep. Even if it was just one chapter, I saw to it that I read every day. Before I knew it, I would realize that I am already halfway on the book! I was not able to stick with this habit this year (especially during the middle of the year) so that's one lesson learned.

Physical books are more easier to read than ebooks.
This is the case for me. All of the books on my finished list from last year and this year are in paperbacks. So I guess if I had the option of getting my hands on a physical book rather than an ebook for one title, I need to opt for the physical one (though I think with the arrival of the iPad I would be more exposed to e-books. (-_\) )

So yeah, there you go. This is it for this year's book challenge. It's sad but still I was able to learn something from this experience. I would definitely sign up for next year's. :D

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3 (mga) komento

  1. Me too! But I did add extra rules for myself. I count A Series of Unfortunate Events as one because each book is too short I think (but I still haven't finished them because the I get too frustrated with the adults in the books) and I don't count graphic novels like Tintin.

    1. Oh so the Series of Unfortunate Events books are just short stories. Better really count them as one.

      Good luck to us next year! Hope we reach our target number of books to read. :D

    2. Not sure about short stories but target readers are kids or teens, I think. Around 100 or so small pages per book.

      I would still try next year so yeah, good luck to us!


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