Christmas Songs! [♬ ~ #17]

December 14, 2014

I am participating again in this month's Piano Jam at the piano subreddit of Reddit, and it's all about Christmas songs (of course, what else is more appropriate? :D). I started joining last month, and so far I find the community a very helpful tool in motivating to learn new pieces each month, even how basic those might be. Perfect examples are these Christmas songs that I have learned. Each piece just spans two pages at the most.

And in addition to these four Christmas songs, I was able to record today the most polished version of Canon by Pachelbel that I have been trying to learn for the past years (yey!)

Though I am happy with my progress on playing the piano, I am beginning to become frustrated with my current keyboard. I bought it two years ago and it was my dream piano back then. However, I realized recently that this doesn't satisfy my needs anymore. Now that I am already taking piano lessons already, I am starting to see the disadvantages of having a non-hammered-and-non-graded 61-key digital keyboard. I would be planning to replace this with a more decent keyboard. For now, I'm stuck with this one. I'll just have to get the most from it.

I have also downloaded some piano sheets of my favorite ballads from JYJ.

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These are a lot more complicated pieces, so I am not sure when I would be able to play them good enough to post my cover online.  I am excited though. I hope to be able play these pieces in the next months to come! :D

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