What Happened in 2014? [❁]

December 30, 2014

As the hours draw closer to the end of the year, it is always nice to look back and review what has happened throughout this year. May it be positive or negative, these events helped shape who we are today.

As for me, this year started with a bang because I totally climbed out and away from my comfort zone and challenged myself to learn something that will be useful in everyday life. Also, just out of the fun of doing it, I tried things I have never done before both online and in real life.

Year 2014 has taught me that I could be a winner if I tried hard enough or if the universe really wanted me to, even if the probability is down to 1%. Also I learned that if you are truly passionate about something, sooner or later, it will be recognized.

It was a year of events, with a lot of blogger events (about my first love as a kid , of summer fun, and about recognizing the most influential personalities online in its launch night, and awards night) that I was able to attend to.

It was also a year of travel! I was devirginized (excuse me for the term) on travelling via a plane locally and internationally.

This year was also about seeing famous personalities in real life. (Hello Suju-M, Bruno Mars, 2NE1, and Jason Mraz!)

I also spent some time trying out some good Korean food at Makati and BGC. Also, I became (a little?) health-conscious, so I invested in watching the foods that I take (there were several others that I have tried this year and I will also write a post about that, how delayed it might be).

My materialistic dreams also came to life this year, in terms of the phone and the piano that I really like.

With everything that happened this year, I can say that I got to mature as an adult. Since the start of this year, I heard myself saying okay, no more childish games, This is the start of the real thing. It's time to get all serious. 

Also since the day I turned 25, I felt old. I no longer fall under young adult. I am now an adult. This gives me an undertone that is both exciting and a frightening

Thank you 2014 for teaching me a lot of things. I have A LOT of goals for the next year, and I hope the self-discipline and the passion that this year taught me would help me in achieving the rest of the dreams that I have for myself in the future. 

That's a wrap, 2014! Thanks a lot. :) 

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