The Plane Travel to California [★ ~ CA Travel #1]

December 07, 2014

I mentioned in a previous post about my business trip to California. This is my first travel out of the country so everything was new to me - from getting a visa, to securing important documents, and to packing up. It was a little stressful actually. But once everything was settled, I felt a huge wave of relief.

It was my second time to ride a plane (first one was when we went to Boracay). We boarded with Philippines Airlines. The travel took around more than 15 hours, but it was a comfortable flight for me.

You can watch movies on the plane. Cool!
There were lots of things to explore on the plane, and the hours just went by fast.  I was busy looking onto the list of movies available for viewing. Their library is has the recent ones (Divergent, Malificent). There were also the classics (Titanic, The Wedding Singer), and even some Filipino titles. I chose to watch some TV show clips instead of Myth Busters and Brain Games (yeah I know, I'm a nerd!)

I also discovered that you can also listen to some albums with it.

There are KPOP albums in there! HOMG. I was actually very pleased to see the 2NE1 album (the latest one!). I would have rolled on my seat if I saw some TVXQ or JYJ there. (=^-ω-^=) There's none, so I just listened to Infinite's album while in flight.

Speaking of my seat, I was sitting at the center section along the aisle. I chose this location for easy access to the toilet. I was lucky I didn't have a seatmate, I was able to sleep comfortably.

Our flight was on a Friday night, around 11PM in Manila. It was night outside the plane throughout the flight. When we landed in San Fransisco, it was still a Friday, around 8PM I think. Now I can say I have actually travelled back in time! Right after we settled to our rooms in the hotel, we went out and grabbed something for dinner.

It was cold outside, and my jacket was not enough to keep me warm. ( ̄◇ ̄;)

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I ordered for just a sandwich from the menu because I was not hungry. When my order arrived, it came with a shock. I forgot that the servings in the US is huge! In front of me was a large sandwich with chips and fries on the side! It was an equivalent of 2 servings for me (too bad I was not able to capture a photo of it). As expected I was not able to finish it so I decided to just take out the rest.

Tired all we were, we went to our respective rooms to rest for the night.


Take-outs in restos in the US come in boxes and it's all self-service from there (you are the one to place your food to the box). That's one of the first lessons I have learned from my first night in CA. :p

It was the weekend and there's still no work, and my next post will be about our tour around San Fransisco. ^______^

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