Q2 2015 Morning Playlist [★]

May 01, 2015

My playlist for this quarter has been invaded by the KPOP scene again, thanks to my recent travel to Korea, wherein I have been exposed to everything KPOP on TV, on radio, and even in subways and billboards.

Call Me Baby

This song has been one of the anthems of my travel to Korea. Every morning while preparing to dress for our itinerary for the day, we would always leave the TV turned on for background music. And almost always. something EXO would come up and play on TV. Aside from that, we would always hear this song from them whenever we go to Myeongdong to go buy stuff at the beauty shops. EXO is really popular in Korea!

Catch Me If You Can
Girls Generation

Girls Generation is one girl group that I follow not because of their music, but because of their gorgeous appearances. (●´∀`●) I got to like this track because it's a dance track and their music video showed them as fierce dancers showing powerful moves in a construction site! That's girl power!

Ice Cream Cake
Somethin Kinda Crazy
Red Velvet

I really didn't know how I got to be familiar with this group, but since they came from SM Entertainment, it was sure to get the attention of all the KPOP fans all over the world. When I first heard their song Happiness, I found it particularly catchy. Then they came out with Ice Cream Cake which hit the number one spot in Music Bank and Inkigayo a day before we went to Korea. Unsurprisingly, their songs were heard all over the place, especially in Myeongdong when we went there. They were the hottest group in town that week!

Also, seeing them perform live in the recent Best of Best in the Philippines concert got me more attached with the group. Those three songs bring back happy memories in our trip to Seoul, and also the thrill of seeing them in concert in the Philippine Arena.

Growing Pains
Super Junior - D&E

I remember this is the track that I liked the instant I listened to D&E's album. I just love how the song is relaxing and gives off a chill vibe, a perfect companion on a road trip. I listened to this song actually while in flight enroute to Seoul, and in those three minutes of music, I felt my heart well up with joy because of the realization that finally, as in finally, I would be setting foot to the land where all this craziness began. I would be breathing the same air as them, and I would be seeing all the places that all of the artists that I have been following have been to also.

Just imagine my glee when me and my sister saw a promotional ad of D&E in the subway in Myeongdong.

Born Hater
Epik High

Epik High really brought the house down during their Concert Parade here in Manila, and they converted me and my sisters as their fans. I never knew I would actually like k-hiphop but the group was so good they got me to like their music. Born Hater is one of their most popular tracks, which they actually sang during their encore in the concert.

Man On A Wire
It's Not Right For You
The Script

I just recently saw them in concert, and I am still on a high for them. I began to like Man on a Wire after the concert (which is I think is just lame) and I regret not being able to appreciate the song that much when I saw them perform it live. The Script actually promoted their music video for their song during the concert. Danny mentioned that all the members faced their fears to accomplish the stunts that they did in the video. I got curious and wanted to watch the whole video, and that's when I loved the song. I even cried a bit when I watched it, especially in the ending.

With It's Not Right For You,  I happened to listen to the song one day on my way home from work. I listened to the lyrics and the meaning struck me so bad that I really felt this song is trying to tell me something on that moment. I'm in an emotional roll these past days (and I can feel my depression getting worse) and everything is just so confusing for me. This song gave the perfect message at the perfect time for me. I picked up the message and I am currently working on doing the right thing so that I can stop myself from worrying too much and being anxious all the time.

Hopeless Opus
Imagine Dragons

I'm prepping up to see Imagine Dragons in concert this August. I've been waiting to see this band live so I was really thrilled when I read the announcement that they are finally coming to the country! I even waited for the exact hour that the online tickets would be available for selling and I kept refreshing smtickets every 30 seconds to check. I succeeded and got myself Row A tickets at Gen Ad! (Hehe that's the only price I could afford for the concert).

So these are the 10 tracks that I am currently listening to every morning for this quarter.

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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