Tokyo BubbleTea's Sakura JCC Milk Tea and Bento Trays [☝]

May 12, 2015

It's Sakura season again! The blooming of the cherry blossoms is a highly-anticipated event especially in South Korea and Japan. It's very special because the trees fleetingly flaunt its beautiful pink flowers for a few days only. After that, it naturally falls off the tree signalling the end of it's blooming season.

Good thing the guys at Tokyo Bubble Tea came up with this creative food and drinks to make us appreciate the cherry blossom season, even if there's actually no trees like that here in the country!

Introducing the Sakura Bento Meals and the Sakura JCC Milk Tea!

Honestly these bento meals look like food for kids because they look so colorful! Maybe you won't be able to appreciate them through these pictures, so let me show you the real thing!

Sakura JCC Milk Teas
On our visit at their Megamall branch, we ordered for a Sakura Royal Milk Tea and a Sakura Strawberry Milk Tea.

I guess you can tell which one is the strawberry one. ( ゚▽゚)

I got the Royal Milk Tea one. Both drinks are topped with Japanese Cheesecake Cream (JCC). Yum!

Mmm. Look at that cream! 

If you are into creamy milk teas, then you might appreciate this drink. The layer of cream is too saturating for me (especially the last drops). But I enjoyed scooping it with my straw and licking it off. (*≧▽≦)

I also don't know what cherry blossoms are supposed to taste like so I was not able to connect it with the taste of this drink. The royal milk tea one just tasted like milk tea to me. On the other hand, I took a sip of my sister's strawberry drink and it tasted better than the royal tea one (well it would really depend on your preference... i like sweet drinks).

Sakura Bento Meals
So for the bento meals, I ordered the Sakura Ebi Furai with Hamburg while sis got the Sakura Chicken Katsu.

Sakura Chicken Katsu

Warning: These bento meals are meant to satisfy one legit hungry adult.

This is what's likeable with bentos in general: it's a meal packed with all the food groups (which is very healthy!) and arranged in a very kawaii way. :D

I should have prepared my tummy for this. We went there after-lunch hours so we were not that hungry when we were served these colorful bento meals. xD

My picks on my bento meal are the hamburg steak, the sakura salad and the miso soup. I just loved the miso soup! I wasn't able to taste the sakura maki though (because I was too full already hahaha).

the miso soup!  (╯3╰)

their colorful Sakura salad

Also presenting... their Okonomiyaki!
I know we were asked to review their Sakura milk teas and bento meals (yes this is a sponsored post), but can I just spazz about their Okonomiyaki? (´∀`)♡

A photo posted by Kathleen R (@katalinarosario) on

It was my sister who saw this at their menu. I didn't know what it was actually, and this is my first time tasting it. And I'm telling you, it's yummy!

another shot of this yummy dish 
For me, okonomiyaki tastes almost the same with takoyaki. It's just for this one, it's pizza-shaped.

We weren't actually able to finish all of our meals (as expected!) so we took some for take-out. And man, I'm so happy I was able to take some of those okonomiyaki home. :D

So going back to the bento meals (I got too carried away there haha), yes these milk teas and bento meals are appealing not just to the eyes, but also to the tummy! By they way, these drinks and meals are available in a limited time only (just like the cherry blossoms!) so hurry and try them before they go out of season!

Also if you order any of their Sakura bento meals and partner it with a Sakura JCC Milk Tea (just like what we did!), you'll be given a chance to pick a prize from their special Sakura tree! It can be plushie toys or tees featuring the Tokyo Bubble Tea mascots (have you seen them? they're so cute!)

Next time I return to Tokyo Bubble Tea, I want to try their Matcha drinks. :D


This is a sponsored post, but of course, my opinions are not scripted and are my own. :)

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  1. Their matcha drinks were really good before. Haven't had the chance to eat there recently though.

    1. Oh really? I hope they're still good now. :D


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