Seoul Trip 2015: Day 2 ~ Namiseom (남이섬) Island [★]

May 09, 2015

Day 2 of our Seoul Trip is kinda packed, because we planned to go to Gapyeong (가평) where Nami Island and Petite France are located.

On our itinerary, we were supposed to leave at 6:30AM for the subway (because Gapyeong is far from Seoul), but we were too tired that we slept in for a bit. I think we were able to leave the hostel at around 8AM. xD From Myeongdong station, I think it took around 2 hours before we arrived at Gapyeong station where the Gapyeong Tour Bus is located.

Gapyeong Tour Bus
Thanks to fellow bloggers, I was able to research well about the transportation here in Gapyeong. That's where I learned that there is a tour bus that goes around Gapyeong's major tourist attractions.

Once you get off the station, it will not be hard to spot which one is the Gapyeong Tour Bus, because I think it's the only bus that we have spotted in the area and all tourists fall in line to get on that bus.

The Gapyeong tourist office is just beside the train station and they have lots of leaflets with helpful information for tourists, especially the one with the timetable of the schedule of the bus.
tip #1: It is important you grab one of those leaflets with the timetable because it will be your basis on when you will leave the tourist spot to catch the bus. They always come on time so if you want to maximize your time for touring, get that leaflet!
tip #2: In getting those leaflets, check if it is written on the language that you prefer. There are English, Korean, and Chinese versions ,to name a few, so be sure to only get the one that you will understand!
I am sharing those tips above to you because these were the lessons that we learned during the trip. I was not able to get the leaflet with the timetable. Good thing I was able to research it, so I do have an idea on the schedule of the bus. Also on those leaflets that we got, the one for Petite France was written in Chinese! Hahaha we were already on the bus when we noticed this (because of too much excitement maybe?). Good thing there are leaflets also available beside the driver in the bus so we just got another one on our way down.

The bus fare was ₩6,000/person.This is for an unlimited ride for their buses around Gapyeong for a day. Yes, the ticket have become expensive by a thousand won (based on the research that I made on other blogs). (´Д`)

Price hike alert! Gapyeong bus fare now costs ₩6,000

The Gapyeong Bus Timetable
tip #3: It is better to go early to Gapyeong to catch the bus so that you will be first in line. We were lucky because we were still able to get seats at the back of the bus. It was standing room already inside because a lot of tourists were lined up.

Though if you are used to ride buses (like me coz that's my daily morning routine to work!), this will not be a problem. It's just a few minutes of travel before we reached the Nami stop. The bus will do a stop right at the entrance of Nami Island.

Yay! We're here! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

Nami Island Zip-wire
The photos above is just at the entrance of Nami Island. Going to Nami itself, you have to cross Han River first. You have two choices to do these - either ride the ferry or go by zipline. Of course, adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers that we are, we chose to go by zipline!

This is one of the activities that we were most excited on our itinerary today. The zipwire tower was high, around 30 floors I think?

It was actually a bit chilly that day (around 7 degrees Celsius) and drizzling a bit so my sister and I thought of backing out of the zipwire plan. However after a few minutes we saw the sun shining so we decided to just do it anyway. It's now or never!!!

The fare for the zipwire ride costs ₩38,000. This already includes:

- zipwire ride to Nami Island
- Nami island entrance fee
- ferry ride back to Gapyeong bus stop

It's a bit more expensive than the ferry ride to Nami Island. But I think it's worth it! The zipwire has two lines and riding it is done by two's, so it was the perfect option for us!

Upon payment of the fee, you will be given your boarding time. Our boarding time was still 1 1/2 hour away so we went to a nearby coffee shop to grab a snack!

I don't look happy. Hahahaha!

This is where you pay your fees if you opt for the ferry ride.

Nami Island Snow Cafe
While waiting for our zipwire boarding time to come, we went to this cafe just within the entrance area to eat (it was already around lunch time).

This was our lunch. We were too nervous to eat a full meal. Haha!

our 'nervous' smiles (/。\)

Back at the Zipwire Tower (This is it!)
After finishing our "meal", we headed back to the tower and waited for our boarding time (which is at 1:00PM). At the waiting area, we saw some pictures of famous people who have also tried the zipwire ride.

Hey! Sungmin and Kangin (of Super Junior) apparently have tried the zipwire too!
There was also a screen there that showed video clips from reality shows that featured the zipwire ride. I saw Leeteuk and Kang Sora in their We Got Married show. I watched that one, but I did not recall that part where they rode the zipwire. That surprised me!

while waiting for our boarding time
Finally the time came and our batch was ushered to ride an elevator to the top of the tower. We were the only ones from the Philippines. There were people from Hongkong on that batch.

We were all nervous and just laughing awkwardly to each other as we went up and up the tower.

A staff gathered us and gave us instructions. I listened to every word he said, (because my life depended on it). He told us how to position ourselves on the seat, how to place our bags, and reminded us to stretch our legs once we set off. He said there will be a staff that will take our pictures as we approach the island so we should stretch out our hands for a good picture as we approach the landing area of the zipwire ride.

The staff took pictures of us before the ride.

I cannot see the end of that line! Whoaaaa!
We were the first to go for our batch, which is I think a good thing so that we won't get nervious anymore.

I was holding the Lumix point-and-shoot camera with the strap is wrapped around my wrist.

And within a few minutes, we were off!!!

The first few seconds after the gates opened felt amazing. The view was all of the river and the chilly wind was all blowing at my face. However after I have absorbed the scenery, I was... okay. I was just then casually looking at the river below with some ferry crossing it towards Nami. My sister was way behind me (her prediction came true, as she told me I would go faster because I weighed heavier compared to her hahaha). The ride lasted around 2 minutes. I already saw the staff who was behind a camera but I forgot to stretch out my hands. Hahaha!

This is what came out of the photo:

Awkward pose. Hahaha!

We had to buy this photo for ₩10,000. It's a bit expensive really but since it captured a memory, we decided to buy it as souvenir. :D

At Nami Island At Last

Fresh from the Zipwire experience we started on our journey around Nami Island!

And so we started by doing what we love best - posing for creative shots!

It's supposed to be Spring already, but I guess Korea is still on the Winter-to-Spring transition stage as there were just a few bloomed trees in the island.

They say Nami Island is best toured around on a bike but since both me and my sister don't know how to ride one, our only choice was to see the place on foot.

You can rent bikes in this place. 
Sure thing, we saw a lot of couples riding bikes, but we also saw groups of people just walking (mostly families and ahjummas hahaha).

Oh hello there couple! #PHOTOBOMBED!!!

Is it just me, or do all of those ahjummas really look the same?

There a few animals that are also in the island which were very interesting to look at!

After walking for some time, we went to some of the nearby shops along the area. We bought some ice cream because we got curious of the long line at that one store. One lesson I've learned when travelling is that always trust the long lines. For sure, the food there is good!

Mine's blueberry while my sister got the green tea one!

Further on we walked the path and we saw behold one of the iconic statues here at Nami Island!

Am I the third wheel? #awkward xD
Of course, who doesn't know that the Winter Sonata Korean Drama was shot in Nami Island? It's actually one of the main reasons the island has become popular among tourists.

This is the filming location of one biking scene of
Jun-sang Kang and Yoo-jin Jung in Winter Sonata.

Also, when in Nami Island, it's obligatory for a tourist to have a shot in this area of two rows of pine trees (or maple trees? not sure if this place has a name though)! Almost everyone I know that has been to Nami Island has a shot on this region. Of course I won't be left behind in the trend!

After taking photos, we immediately did a U-turn to return to the Ferry station and to the bus station. Mind you it's a long walk so you might want to wear very comfy shoes when going to Nami Island. That's another tip for you there.

It's slightly disappointing not able to visit the island when all the trees are fully-bloomed. I am sure the place will be a thousand more beautiful with all the trees and flowers blossomed. Meh, we visited Nami Island too early for Spring. Hope there's another chance to visit the place!

I bet the place would look better in full-bloom spring!

We were so dead-tired already (plus aching feet muscles) but we still have one itinerary for the day - Petite France!


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