#BBMadeinManila Ticket Pre-selling at The Fort Strip [★]

May 31, 2015

Big Bang is one of the KPOP groups that I started to follow after breaking out of the fandom shell of TVXQ. I started to become really interested with them after watching the Alive Tour concert screening here (which was also made possible by +Happee Sy!) I remember I was also within the MOA arena area during their first concert here in 2012. I was attending the fashion week with my sister and I saw a number of fans walking towards the arena and most of them have those yellow crown headbands and light sticks. I really felt then that this group was really popular in the country (more popular than my TVXQ! (>_<)) Fast forward to 2015 and I am now one of those fangirls expecting to see them in their upcoming concert here in the Manila!

Because I am well aware of how hot Big Bang is to Filipino VIPs, I knew tickets will sell out fast. So I really planned to go to the pre-selling event of the tickets at The Fort Strip on Saturday, May 30. I was supposed to go with my sister, but she was still asleep at 7AM (( ̄(エ) ̄)) so I just went alone there. I arrived exactly at 8AM and my goodness, the line was soooo long already!!

I saw a friend who was also in line and she was like in the front (first 10 people I think?). She told me she arrived before 6AM. Those people in front of her arrived even earlier. Crazy, just crazy.

The wait was a bit torturing because you are mostly standing up the whole time and it's so hot outside. I had to get out of the line for a while to get some drinks on a nearby store. When I returned to my place in the line, the girl in front of me started talking with me and we instantly became friends! In the end, almost all the people in front of me were talking to each other. The wait became less stressful. At that time when I went to get the drink, I passed by Happee Sy! We literally passed by each other but I was too shy to even say hi. (*sigh* I should really have said something!) So yeah that's one regret I have there.

So after 7 hours (yes, seven freakin' hours!! with no lunch, just that one bottle of water), the front desk was already in view, and I can see the table with the SM tickets staff.

This photo almost summarizes the pre-selling event
The selling of tickets online was originally scheduled at 12 noon that day but the line of fans at the Fort was still long and it was impossible to finish them all before noon. The management decided to move the time of online selling at sm tickets outlet to accommodate first the people who are still at the Fort. This decision got a lot of rage from fans (based on what I read on twitter) who were already in line at sm ticket outlets expecting it to be available at 12 noon.

I think all of the mishaps boiled down to the technical errors that was encountered in the online system that was set up at the Fort. There were two separate tables for the reservation and payment transactions. The reservation part was smooth, it was the payment part that took forever. The internet was sooooo slow and the machine had problems printing the tickets. For each person the transactions lasted for more than 10 minutes. (T_T) Good thing Filipino VIPs were very patient and everyone waited for their turn to reserve and pay for the tickets.

Happee Sy and Vernon Go were there and they were really hands-on in instructing their staff on what to inform the people who were waiting in line outside. Thank you for all the hardwork!

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I am so excited to see them perform live! See you Big Bang on July 30! (´▽`)ノ♪

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