VIXX Fantasia Utopia in Manila - A Huge Success [★]

May 09, 2015

VIXX is actually one of those rookie groups that I have heard several times in the KPOP news and it was no wonder their group's name is becoming known because the members are superstar material! Their concert here just proved that.

Nowadays in KPOP, it's not easy for a group (be it a boy or a girl group) to gain a following because there's a huge influx of groups that have been in the scene today. This is why only those who make it different and those who really have a talent will outshine the others and gain the attention of the audience.

VIXX showing us what they've got during Fantasia Utopia in Manila

Kudos to VIXX's entertainment agency, Jellyfish Entertainment (yes that is their actual name!), I could really see that they are taking good care of their talents, specially VIXX here. The concert had a very good production number (the costume, the stage effects, and the amount of exposure each member got in the concert).

Hongbin on spotlight! (with Ken and Leo of course!)

Here I go again with this line - I became a fan after seeing them in concert. Honestly, VIXX' songs all sounded the same to me, (excluding Error I guess). So during the concert, it sounded like they were just singing one long song for their opening set (peace Starlights! m(_ _)m). But of course beyond the music, I was able to appreciate their great vocals (Ken singing Adele's Rolling in the Deep was awesome!) and their groovy dancing skills.

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And for every group, there's is always one person who will catch your attention the most. For VIXX, it was Ravi who got me.

Hello there handsome! (人´∀`*)

I began to notice him after he performed his solo stage in the concert. He sang Ghost, and he was really able to show us his great rapping skills. That really impressed me a lot. So for the rest of the evening, I was eyeing Ravi the most. xD

For most KPOP fans, it's no stranger to us the fanservice that our idols give to us. It's also not weird to see two boys playfully kissing each other.... right? Sure thing, this VCR part of the concert got us screaming the most, as N sloooooowly made his way to kiss Hongbin's cheek.

Eeeek! This is only the reaction I can make out of this scene.

The boys look smexy in red. xD
Honestly, the concert reminded me of TVXQ's Mirotic tour in Seoul with it's general format. VIXX' encore singing G.R.8.U reminded me of TVXQ singing Crazy Love during that Mirotic concert (which is by the way the best concert of TVXQ for me #OT5Feels).

These kids would surely go a long way. I envy Filipino Starlights because they got to see their idols in a concert in the country already, and VIXX did not fail them because they gave us a great show!

Congrats VIXX! Hope to see more of you in the future!


Check out our post-concert article for Konda Korea here!

Thank you to +KOnda Korea for giving us access to cover this event!

Thank you +PULP Live World and 28 Black for making this concert possible!

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