Epik High Rocks the Skydome at their Manila Concert Parade [★]

April 25, 2015

I have heard Epik High occasionally on KPOP news and I always knew they are an established group in the hip-hop scene in Korea. I know Tablo, but by name only. Recently, I got to somehow hear his work with his collaboration for Xia Junsu's song Flower.

Honestly, I was surprised when Happee Sy announced that the group was actually coming to Manila. The venue was at SM Skydome, and immediately I knew this is gonna be an intimate show with Epik High. Thanks to +KOnda Korea for trusting us to cover this event!

Check out our post-event article for and photos for Konda Korea here!

In preparation for this event, we were listening for Epik High songs so that we can be familiar with the songs and be prepared when we see the show. They are really good and so I knew this is gonna be a great rocking party! And it was, even better and greater than what I expected.

Encore was their first song. What a dramatic way to do their entrance! They appeared one by one on stage - Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz. The crowd went crazy! Even if I really didn't know them then, I couldn't help but join the crowd and just went jumping up and down like a mad fangirl.
ヾ(-_- )ゞ oh yeah!!!!

The energy of the crowd is just sooo amazing. I literally felt the skydome shake, and I got a little scared actually if the place is sturdy enough for this.

put your hands in the air!!! (ノ・o・)ノ
Tukutz' dj skills were epik! It was one great party!

Aren't they feeling hot? (I mean literally)
I just got a bit amused that they were all wearing coats and jackets. Are you not feeling hot and sweaty? Coz we at the audience sure felt the heat because of jumping and dancing all over the place.

But after a while in the show, one by one, they lessened their clothings. =))

They had towels (with their precious sweat) thrown to the audience, as well as water splashing from their water bottles.

Check out the show's setlist below:

Burj Khalifa
It’s Cold
Get Out the Way
Light it Up
Map the Soul
Happen Ending
Love Love Love
Eyes, Nose, Lips
Kill This Love
High Technology
New Beautiful

Born Hater
Don’t Hate Me

By far, I've been enjoying listening to Encore, Burj Khalifa, Happen Ending, Born Hater, and Don’t Hate Me because it brings me back to the hype of that concert. Also I've been hooked watching Superman Is Back because Haru (Tablo's daughter) is soooo adorable. (´∀`)♡

It's really a startstruck moment to see super talented musicians this close. I went home full of adrenaline and a little deaf (two concerts in two consecutive days! good lord, my eardrums!).

I'm a fan now of this group. K-hiphop rocks!

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