Baler (#2): Trekking to Ditumabo Falls

March 11, 2016

[February 2015]

Our second itinerary was to go to the Ditumabo Falls, which is one of the tourist spots in the town of Baler. It is also locally known as The Mother Falls.

The whole gang en route to the falls.

The sound of the rushing water in the river was so relaxing. :)
Before we could reach the falls, we had to do some little trekking into the forest. Again, it was our tricycle driver who served as our guide! It was still early in the morning, and it was cool in the forest. We passed by a river along the trail, and I am assuming it came from the falls itself.

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Along some parts of the river, we found water hoses, and (according to the sign on the rock xD) it seems like it is safe to drink. :D

Krishan getting some fresh cool water!
It was only a short hike, but there are parts  of the trail wherein you'll need to cross the river. Mental note: next time I come here, I will wear sandals or any open shoes. I was wearing my rubber shoes then (I still did not have my hiking shoes which I use during mountain climbing), and I had to remove them or else, they'd get wet. Our guide was kind enough to lend me his slippers. The consequence was -  he walked barefoot for the rest of the trek. T^T (sorry kuya!)

Krishan and Jo enjoying the walk to the Mother Falls!

After a few minutes of walking, we finally reached the falls!

It was so beautiful. This was the first time I've seen a falls up close. The splashing sound of the rushing water was very eminent, but it did not bother me. I just stared with awe on how strong the current was as the water fell down to the river. Mist was forming near the falls and cold water sprayed on our faces and body as we got nearer.

We were tempted to go for a dip into the waters, but it was cold (plus I do not know how to swim hehe). It was only Krishan who braved the waters and took a refreshing swim!

Krishan's sexy back swimming in the falls. xD
After Krishan went splashing and swimming in the waters (while me and Jo were just dipping our toes into the cold water. xD), we decided to head back.

On our way, we passed by these stores that sold yummy food!

Their palitaw (those white circular rice cakes) was very yummy! We did a quick snack here and then continued with our tour around Baler!

Next stop: Ermita Hill!

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