Baler 2015 (#3): Ermita Hill, Diguisit Falls & Aniao Islet

March 12, 2016

[February 2015]

And so our adventure around Baler continues!

Ermita Hill
Our local guide, which is also our tricycle driver, brought us to another famous spot in Baler: Ermita Hill. It was like a park with a view overlooking the shoreline of Baler.

See the white waves there? The winds are strong along the bay, which makes it a good place to surf.
After absorbing this wonderful view of the ocean, we went back to the tricycle and drove off down the hill wherein these statues are located.

The human statues illustrates the moment a family got to save themselves from a huge tsunami that struck the province several years back. According to history, only seven families survived that tsunami because they were able to climb up Ermita Hill. Locals treat Ermita Hill as a special spot in town because it was their ancestors' refuge in that time of calamity. They built a shrine at the top of the hill to commemorate this important part of the town's history.

Diguisit Falls
After receiving that brief lecture about Baler's past, we went to another tourist spot - Diguisit Falls.

This time, we did not need to trek a long way to see the waterfalls. Instead, we climbed several steps up a hill to see the falls in view.

I was not that confident with the traction my rubber shoes gave me when stepping on inclined planes, so I did not climb farther to see more of what was up the hill aside from the falls. I was also worried I that I would slip and break the (bulky DSLR!) camera that I was carrying so I just stayed at the bottom of the hill.

While Krishan and Jo were exploring the wilderness above, I just shot whatever that was in view. I ended up playing with the shutter speed shooting the flowing water from the falls.

shutter speed @ 1/250

shutter speed @ 1/20 (notice how the water looks smoother here?)
This activity kind of reminded me of an experiment I did few years back involving water with varying shutter speeds. :D

Aniao Islet
Our next stop was nearer to the ocean -  we visited the beautiful Aniao Islet!

The splashing of the waves along the shore was so relaxing to the ears. :D

It was lunch time then so we rode the tryke again and went ahead to Gerry Shan's Place, which was one popular restaurant in town. It was even featured in Byahe ni Drew, a travel program in local TV. For Php200, we get to have an unlimited lunch buffet. There were a lot of people when we arrived so it was a bit frustrating when some of the dishes in the buffet were empty already. We had to wait for the new servings, and also fight wait for our turn for the food. Honestly, I didn't get what the hype was all about. The food was alright, nothing special. But in terms of hunger, our tummies were well satisfied!

After that heartly lunch, our guide/driver led us to this hanging bridge (which I don't know the name :O). It sure was a nice place to take photos!

More posts to follow of our Baler adventures! :D

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