#TasteTheChill with Sosro Fruit Tea

March 13, 2016

Last March 3, the official launch of Sosro Fruit Tea was held at the Palace Pool Club, which is just perfect timing because it's already summer!

Originally from Indonesia, this refreshing drink has been in the country since last year (brought by Reddimart Multi-resources, Inc.) and now has launched its #TasteTheChill campaign with its Freeze, Apple, Strawberry, and Guava flavors.

The launch night was hosted by Joyce Pring (which has become a familiar name to me from past events I have attended).

Sofia Andres was announced as the official face of Sosro Fruit Tea here in the Philippines.

It was my first time to be in the Palace Pool Club, and I must say it's such a posh place to hold events,

They even made it snow in the venue! (of course it was fake hehe)
We were able to catch Up Dharma Down perform for the night!

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We got ourselves Sosro Fruit Tea goodies from the event! My favorite from this bunch is Freeze because of its cool menthol aftertaste.

Chillin' at the pantry with Sosro Fruit Tea Freeze
If I am to compare this drink with the other similar brands that we have in the market, I'll have to say Sosro Fruit Tea is less sweet, but refreshing all the same. It's a nice change to your usual iced tea!

I have not seen this brand in the supermarket so I was lucky I got some during the event! I guess I will grab some Freeze again, especially now that summer is fast approaching. Do the same, grab some Sosro Fruit Tea and #TasteTheChill!


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