Baler 2015 (#4): Museo de Baler & Aurora Ancestral House

March 13, 2016

[February 2015]

This part of the trip focused more on the historical side of the town of Baler.

Museo de Baler
I am not really a fan of museums but I guess curiosity got us walking towards this museum in Baler.

It felt like I was in a field trip actually. xD

The entrance fee is cheap. For just Php30, you get to enter the museum. This is also where you'll pay your ticket in visiting Aurora's Ancestral House, another tourist spot, which was just near Museo de Baler.

When you come inside, you'll really notice that this museum is old.

Such old historical artifacts can be found here.

The items that were used in Baler, the movie, was also preserved in the museum. Even the awards the actors got in doing the movie were displayed there.

Aurora Ancestral House
Aurora province was named after former Philippine president Manuel L. Quezon's wife.
Aurora is just near the Quezon province. See what they did there? *wink wink* :D

Honestly, I thought what we saw was not the original structure of the actual ancestral house, because to me, for a wealthy family like the Quezon, the house looked small. I dunno. But according to what I researched on other sites, it seems like the house structure was not at all altered, just some restoration was done.

Another artsy shot. :P

We just did a quick tour around the house, and then went back to our local tour guide, a.k.a. our tricycle driver too! :D

This wrapped up our first day in Baler! Next day would be about surfing and eating! Post about that coming up!

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