Book Reads: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (JK Rowling) [☝]

August 08, 2016

Warning: spoilers ahead.

It's been a while since a lot people have anticipated a Harry Potter book release. Ever since the idea of continuing the story of Harry Potter beyond the 7th book was announced, I was eager to know what the story would be about. When I learned that the story would be presented as a play in London, I got a bit disappointed because that would mean that I won't be able to watch it - not only me actually, but a lot of other Potterheads as well around the globe won't be able to catch the show.

Maybe this is the reason behind publishing the book based from that play. The 8th book is not like the other seven in the series, because Cursed Child contains the actual script of the play itself. At first I was confused. What does it mean by that? It did not dawn to me the meaning of that statement until I got hold of the book.

Even with that kind of realization, I tried my best to enjoy the book. Unfortunately, I can't seem to enjoy it in the same way that I enjoyed the other HP books. It didn't feel like Cursed Child is genuinely part of the series. Sorry, but I have to agree with most of the reviews online - the book seemed like a fanfiction, and a bad one at that.

I don't hate the book as a whole (I still liked some of the scenes) but I just can't absorb reading a story beyond Harry Potter's student life in Hogwarts. I can't relate well to the new characters that are living in the same setting as Harry and the rest of the gang. Also, the reuse of names didn't help in disassociating the new characters from the old ones. It confused me, honestly.

To summarize, there was really no major conflict in the story (all of that happened just to save Cedric... like for real?), because JK made sure the 7th book resolved all of that. Still, it was nice to relive some of the best and most memorable moments of the HP series, especially the one at Godric's Hollow because it was the moment the story was born. Cursed Child was a fast read - took me just a few hours to finish it.

So far, I'm hearing that the play was a marvelous one, and I could just tell why (with all those scenes included in the play, it's a treat!). I felt like Cursed Child was such an injustice to the play, as those who won't be able to see the show would judge that piece of art based on the script. I don't know how the publication of this book would affect the reception of the actual play though. But I know for myself that I have already prejudged the plot, and is just hoping that a great production would overthrow all these negative notes on it.

Since not all Potterheads won't be able to catch the show in London, I hope JK's team would produce a DVD release of it. For sure it will be epic and will sell like pancakes!

With all the HP nostalgia that I got from Cursed Child, I think it will be fun to reread the HP series again. :D

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