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August 14, 2016

I consider it fortunate for me that I never had the need to wear glasses, so far at least. Even though my job entitled me to be in front of a computer typing away work stuff all day long, my vision is still a healthy 20/20. However, having good eyesight cannot shield me from getting my eyes tired. Especially in my case, I tend to do overwork almost everyday (staying at the office for more than 10 hours), and usually after the 7th hour it is difficult for me to concentrate already because of eye strain.

When GlassesShop contacted me to offer a free pair of glasses in exchange for a product review, I thought "I don't use glasses, so what do I do with that offer?" Anyway I still accepted it, thinking maybe they have some shades that I can use during the summer.

Honestly, I didn't have any idea about GlassesShop, but apparently it is an online shop wherein you can get various types of prescription glasses, depending on your needs. There are cheap eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses of all shapes and designs. I had a hard time choosing which one to get. Finally, I decided to go for this pair. Since I didn't need prescription lens, I asked for glasses for computers. They actually also have reading glasses. I was tempted to get that one too, but since I was offered to get one pair only, I chose the computer glasses, because I knew this is where I would get the most benefit from.

It took a while for the package to arrive (I'm looking at you Bureau of Customs!), but thankfully the glasses arrived safe and sound!

I requested for the glasses to be delivered to the office. As soon as I got hold of it, I wore and used it while working. I didn't notice much change. However after finishing my shift (with a few hours of overtime again), I felt that my eyes were more relaxed and it didn't feel as tired as before.

Happy eyes at work! (📷: Krishan T.)
I researched a bit about computer glasses and found out that they have anti-reflective/anti-glare coating which minimizes light reflections from the front and back of the lens surfaces which cause eye strain. That coating might be that greenish shade on the lens. I noticed that the glasses my colleagues wore also have that.

I've been using this glasses for weeks now. I think I might have become dependent to it actually. I use the glasses even at the start of the day, so that my eyes will feel okay the entire day.

I realized even if you don't have a problem with your vision, you might still need to wear glasses, especially if you are in front of the computer all day (or even night) long. I'm glad GlassesShop helped me realize that. Since I use my eyes all day everyday extensively, I need to take extra care of it.


This is a sponsored review, however all of my opinions herein are my own.

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