Goodbyes [❁]

August 14, 2016

It's the end of an amazing chapter. (📷:Wikipedia)

For the past several months, I have witnessed people embracing changes in their life (from the people I remotely know to the very close individuals I have interacted at work), leaving the routine that they have been used to for years (and even decades).  I can imagine that process involved a lot of courage and tears before they arrived to that decision.

As a result of that change, some of them had to say their goodbyes to people, and it happened to include me. I hate goodbyes, because as much as the change is happening to the person leaving, it also affects the people they leave behind. I very well know that feeling, because I have experienced it several times in the past, and when it was finally my turn to leave, I carried the same heavy heart along the way.

Colleagues Saying Goodbye. People come and go, that's the reality of life. Despite that, it was still hard to accept that the people you have grown very close to will be moving out of your life, and that they won't be part of your life the way it used to be. Bittersweet, really. I've experienced this with 3 of my colleagues, and even though it was a sad event, I understood why they had to do it.

> The first one had one very brave soul that she followed her dreams in accomplishing a career outside the country.

> The second one is a batchmate that I had a unique bond with (along with the rest of the people in that batch). It's funny because the group became closer when he left. Even though we only had our lunch sessions to bond with, we had this unspoken agreement to always keep in touch and still meet up in the future.

> The third one is the most difficult for me. I had so many happy memories with this person, and so I know him leaving will create a large gaping hole in my life. I've shared a lot of laughs with him, and shared some secrets with him that no other living being knows. Those interactions will be treasured forever. Though I'll get to see him again for one last time in the future, I know things will never be the same again. I'm very very thankful that I met this person. I've learned a ton of things from him (both positive and negative stuff haha). I wish all the best for him in the future. :D

People Embracing Changes in Their Life. There are people, despite of you not personally knowing them, have inevitably become part of your life. Before you realize it, you have been connecting to them and what happens in their life affects your own too. This applies to me for some personalities I follow in media, particularly the internet and radio.

> Simon and Martina Moves to Japan. For avid fans of Eat Your Kimchi, I'm sure it came as a huge shock when the couple announced that they were leaving Seoul to permanently move to Japan. We all know how much they love Korea and we know them leaving to Japan is a huge decision for them (they have to give up the EYK studio, even the 'You Are Here' cafe that we visited in Korea). It was very heartbreaking to see Martina cry on their plane flight to Japan in one of the videos they posted.

Fast forward to now, just look at how they are today in Japan (it's their 6th month there)! They look so happy. Even Soo Zee and Leigh (the EYK staff that became famous also through YouTube) are happy now, as they have created their own YouTube channel, and I'm just glad they are doing something like this together. I'm sure with all the adventures they had working for Simon and Martina, an unbreakable bond was formed and their YouTube channel is their way of coping to this change.

> Delamar Leaves RXTMR, for good. When I saw this news online (I was not able to hear the announcement live because I was very dependent to the podcasts), I had to stare for a few seconds on my PC monitor to absorb this shocking news. I listened to the audio clip JRhyan (one of their most loyal listeners) posted on Facebook, and absorbed every word Delle said when she did the announcement. She was permanently leaving the show. For 20 years, she was doing TMR together with Chico Garcia, and I knew that news ends an era in Philippine radio. I love TMR. I've been a rusher for as long as I could remember. (I went to their book signing and even visited them at the booth). Though I was not a regular listener when I was still studying, the show have become my constant companion in my working years. I would listen to them while on the road, when I'm eating dinner at home (I was always eating alone because everyone was asleep already), and before going to sleep (just to distract myself from thinking sulky thoughts). Listening to them makes me feel less lonely because I get to laugh on their jokes, learn life lessons on their intellectual arguments, and just have fun listening to them kid around.

Delamar's last week in radio was a torture to listen to, especially her last episode. I made an effort to get to listen to it live. When I did, I was a horrible crying mess. I was at the office during that time. Good thing my cube was not visible to most people in the office so no one noticed me tearing up. It was such a sad sad day. I listened to that episode again via the podcast and still, I couldn't help but tear up. :(

I'm still listening to The Morning Rush today (it's been two weeks since Delle left) and I can say that the two (Chico and Gino) are manning the show as good as before. Of course I will always miss Delle's voice on the radio. I know all of the Rushers are coping with this huge change, but cliché as it may be, the show must go on.

Since we are talking about goodbyes, I just want to mention that one of our pet dogs died last month. He was my favorite dog (well we only have two) and his death was sudden. :( But on a positive note, I've become friends with this stray cat that happened to come to our store everyday. Now we are like BFFs. xD He lets me carry him and sit him on my lap. If only I could take him to my room, I would but I know my parents won't like it. Hehe.

There you go. Those are the events that made me feel sad for the past few months. I am still coping, but I know things will get better in time. We'll all move on sooner or later.

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