#InTheMix Concert: 6 Acts in 1 Night of Live Music [★]

August 21, 2016

I know I say this line for every concert I've been to, but I'll have to say that this one is legit - this is, by far, the most badass and massive concert I've ever experienced in my life.

In The Mix is an indoor music festival featuring 6 great artists - the first of its kind that I have attended so far. It was held in Mall of Asia Arena which gave the audience a solid 7 hours of live music. No wonder I was so tired after the concert, I had to take a half-day leave from work the following day. :p

SIX International acts in one concert event!
Twin Pines // Elle King // Third Eye Blind // P!ATD // James Bay // The 1975

Before The Concert

Going to this concert took a lot of decision-making time for me, because I had my reasons for not going. At one point I was 100% sure that I won't be attending the concert, but my decision swayed a few days before concert day. I realized that what I'm about to do is not aligned with my renewed mission-vision in life. I was forgetting that 'head fake'. That's the moment I decided I'll go. I know that I truly love one of the bands that will perform that night, and I've told myself I will now start pursuing things that will make me happy, and this is absolutely one of them. 

I always believed that if it's meant for you, the Universe will align itself to give it to you. It happened to be a blessing in disguise that I purchased the tickets a few days before the concert because SMART did a promo giving its subscribers 20% discount on the ticket price! I was happy I was able to get the tickets that I wanted cheaper than the regular price.

Concert Day: At The Venue

Since the show started early (5PM!) we had to leave office at 3PM. I went to the concert with a colleague who happened to be a James Bay fan. We arrived at the arena at 4PM. There were a lot people already along the hallways of the arena, but the gates to the concert stage itself were still closed. At the entrance, the guards confiscated some of my items. T___T

Concert tip: Avoid bringing liquids, toothpaste, and medicine at the venue.

With what happened recently to a concert, it was understandable that the organizers were extra strict with the items allowed to be taken inside. I totally slipped with the medicine part. I failed to realize that those items would be bound to be confiscated. ( ̄◇ ̄;) It has become a habit for me to bring a medicine kit in my bag wherever I go (for headache, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea, LBM, etc). Next time I go to a concert, I have to make sure I'll take them out of my bag.

Since there was still time, we were able to pose and take photos at the booths that were set up at the hallways of the arena. It kept us entertained while waiting for the gates to open.

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We were also given this wristband with mystery instructions included. I got curious on how this would be used in the concert!

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After waiting for several minutes, the gates opened...


Twin Pines
This band is the first to perform on stage. To be honest, I knew nothing about them before this concert. I liked the general vibe of their songs. I guess I'll have to listen to more of them from now on!

They were actually already performing when we entered the venue. This setup kinda felt weird at first because I am not used to seeing a performer already on stage while there were only a few people inside. The crowd was still not settling down. I even went outside a couple of times to go the restroom and buy myself something to eat ('cause I knew this would be a looong show).

Elle King

I've done a little research about this next act, but still her live performance caught me by surprise. She is so good! Elle King has a powerful raspy voice that can belt notes effortlessly!

During her performance, I felt that she has a warm personality. She repeatedly told the crowd how she's so proud to be back to the country of her roots (she has Filipino blood apparently). She told us she loves to sing at the karaoke, and even sang one of her favorite songs to sing on it.

There were some intermissions in between acts to take time for the next band to do their setup on stage. During those breaks, Rico Robles, the show's host, would come up on stage to entertain the crowd.

That is also the point when we learned how the wristbands worked. Apparently, its light is being remotely controlled and can lit up in different colors! Quite cool right?

My wristband sparkling green that matches the SMART stage.

Third Eye Blind

It was obvious, all the 90s kids were rejoicing in the crowd as TEB went up on stage. Who doesn't know this band during their prime in the music scene?

Stephen Jenkin's iconic voice filled the arena as the band performed their hits like Never Let You Go and Semi-Charmed Life.  They said they'd be happy to come back to Manila whenever they are wanted (so sweet!). While they were performing, I can't help but feel the generation gap in the audience. While the older crowd was having the time of their lives screaming every word of Third Eye Blind's songs, there were younger kids near us that were sitting like stones. Oh well, I just needed to absorb this reality though.

Truly a 90s legend!


I realized this was the band those younger kids (I referred to earlier) was waiting for, along with most of the crowd that is. When the stage lights dimmed again, the whole arena went wild! A few seconds later, Brendon Urie came up on stage looking hot and all charismatic on a blue blazer and leopard top. At that moment, I understood all the fuss that was being made about this band. (*°∀°)=3

P!ATD is known for its high energy and fast-paced songs. From the first song to the last, people were on their feet rocking with the songs. Brendon is a sexy beast on stage. He has great looks and great vocals. He's a really charismatic singer. He has those stares that just flirts with the audience.  So this is why all the girls are flocking on him!

Panic! At The Disco #InTheMix Setlist
Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time
Vegas Lights
The Ballad of Mona Lisa
Time to Dance
Emperor's New Clothes
Nine in the Afternoon
Golden Days
Golden Days
Miss Jackson
Crazy / Genius
I Write Sins Not Tragedies
This is Gospel

cr: Philippine Concerts

The band also did a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, which apparently was featured in the recent movie 'Suicide Squad'. It was quite an impressive number - he really has powerful vocals (with a very wide range too!). He truly nailed that Queen song.

Here's my wristband all blue together with P!ATD's stage!

Without being bias and all, P!ATD's set is definitely one of the highlights of the night. Confetti flew as they sang their last song, which is a perfect way to end their powerful performance.

James Bay

Things slowed down with this next act. I felt the crowd needed time to recover from P!ATD's set and so the crowd were just chill during James' set. He came out wearing a Philippine flag colored jacket to the delight of the crowd. Of course, he's still wearing his hat! xD

James Bay #InTheMix Setlist
When We Were On Fire 
Need the Sun to Break 
Best Fake Smile
Get Out While You Can 
Proud Mary (cover)
Hold Back the River

His voice was very on point. His live performance sounded very much the same as the studio recording. And man, he has some awesome guitar playing skills! At the end of his set, he threw his jacket to the crowd! I saw several hands were able to get hold of it. I hope they came to terms on who actually gets to take it home. ( ̄◇ ̄;)

And here is my wristband gleaming purple this time to match James Bay's stage!

This wristband is so cool!

The 1975

This was my most awaited moment of the night. I was actually not focusing on James Bay's performance anymore (sorry!) because I can't help but feel excited that finally, after more than a year, I will be able to see the band that I have unexpectedly become obsessed with.

I was already having butterflies in my stomach when they were setting up the stage for the final act, The 1975. I felt like I was dreaming and I couldn't believe that this was finally happening. When the lights went out and that familiar intro music started to play, I lost it. I was clasping my mouth and just saying OMG over and over again. Finally, my favorite band went up on stage.

They were consistent to do Love Me + Ugh! as their opening songs, based on Youtube videos of their recent concerts that I've watched . It was a joy to sing along to these songs live. I knew all of their songs by heart. I can't really describe how I felt during those moments. It felt like a dream. My heart was bursting to see all of my favorite people on stage singing the songs that I have come to love. 

George and Matty killin' the stage!

The new stage design just adds to the appeal of their set. With each song, the background and colors changed.

The 1975 #InTheMix Setlist
Love Me
Heart Out
A Change of Heart
Loving Someone
Somebody Else
If I Believe You
The Sound

The songs from their first album will always be crowd favorites. I heard the crowd scream with glee when the band performed Heart Out, Girls, and Chocolate. There's this one guy in my peripheral vision who was dancing to the more famous songs of the band, but was just standing still when it was already the other songs. I found it funny, I don't know. xD I melted when they played Robbers. I've listened to it countless of times and have watched different live performances of it in Youtube. However, it was still something else when you hear it live. Adam Hann's guitar riff is always so flawless. I really loved it.

It was a treat to finally hear ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI tracks performed live. I'm so happy they played She's American! Meanwhile, I was surprised to see that If I Believe You is also a crowd favorite. Another favorite track was The Sound. Ever since I saw their performance of this song in Radio 1's Big Weekend 2016, I knew it will be super fun to experience this myself. I can officially declare that I have jumped and danced to the song's guitar solo! #lifegoalchecked

It was surreal to see Matty that close from the stage. I saw his face. I didn't need to look at the camera and zoom in just to see his face. I kinda missed the wild Matty that I saw during last year's concert, that one who was drinking wine and smoking cigarettes on stage, and by the time the last song ended, was so tipsy that he landed on his butt when he jumped from the drum stage. The Matty I saw tonight was very prim and proper (wearing long sleeves lol). He still looked a bit grumpy though (maybe because they've been on standby backstage for more than 5 hours).

It just made me sad a little, because his crazy behavior on stage is one of the things I liked about him and the band during last year's concert. 

When they sang Chocolate, I knew their set is closing to an end. :( Their finale song was still Sex

My sister was not able to come with me at the concert, but she's also a fan of the band (she accompanied me during the sophomore album release fanmeet!). We were chatting throughout the concert and was asking me to record This Must Be My Dream for her in case they sing it tonight (sadly they didn't). Thanks to one girl I saw at the concert, I had a better workaround, and I was able to share more of the concert experience with my sister that night. *wink*

I arrived home still full of adrenaline. I was exhausted, a little deaf, and my throat was hurting a bit (from all the screaming lol).  Good thing I didn't drink cold water that night, or else I'll end up with no voice the following day.

This concert, by the record, is the grandest one I've ever been to. I'm so happy I decided to invest on the tickets a bit and bought those that were nearer the stage. I'm so happy I was not able to miss the concert!

Thanks again to MMI LIVE for bringing all these artists together in one concert. 

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