My Takeaways from "The Vampire Diaries" [★]

August 28, 2016

For the past several weeks, I have been hooked to watching this teen vampire drama titled The Vampire Diaries. Yes, I have been behind the times. It was just until recently that I got to watch this series which has become popular since its release in 2009.

The Vampire Diaries: Love sucks. :p

I got a copy of this series (from seasons 1-6) from a colleague (as of this writing, season 8 will start to air soon). She said she stopped watching the drama when Elena died. Oh. So she would eventually die, huh. I unintentionally got spoiled by that, but it was not a big deal because I had no idea of the story as of yet during that time.

So I got really hooked watching seasons 1 and 2 of this drama. I always tell my colleagues that I really wasn't into binge watching because I wanted to savor the emotions and reactions that each episode elicited on me. Obviously this habit didn't apply for this drama. There were episodes that are such cliffhangers that I was not able to stop myself from watching the next episode immediately. This ended up with me spending most of my weekend sitting in my room and just watching this drama for hours. ( ̄□ ̄;)

When I reached season 3, watching the series felt dragging already. The storyline was becoming more complicated already and I was starting to get fed up with the recurring problems of the characters because of conflict of interests. It was in season 4 when I gave up (when Elena became a vampire herself). I allowed myself to get spoiled by fast forwarding episodes. I would just then read episode summaries online just so I could get the gist of what happened in the previous episodes. Eventually it got to the point wherein I was not interested with the story anymore. And today, I decided to discontinue watching the series.

Although me watching the series came to an unexpected halt, I must say that I learned a lot of things from the show. Here are some points that I did and didn't like about the series - things that I will remember TVD about:

  • "There must be another way" and "What should we do now?" are recurring statements throughout the series. 

I like it when a character says these lines. It opens up a course of actions that drives the plot. It just shows that these people are proactive and won't back down from any difficult situation (they sure did encounter a lot :p).

  • Almost all the characters became traitors in one point in the series.
I sometimes just stare at my screen and shake my head with how evil these characters can get. Sometimes those traitors even get double-crossed by their "peers" and end up being in a deeper trouble themselves. It's disturbing how convincing they are when they are in conversation with another character convincing them to give them their trust. I hope there are no people like that in my life now. *shudders*

  • The series is rich with awesome OSTs!

This is one aspect that I really got to like in this drama. There's always nice music playing during each moving scene. It sure adds to the dramatic effect. Fortunately if you want to reminisce those good times, the songs they've used in the drama can be found on Spotify, and are nicely grouped per TVD season where it got played.

  • Couple shuffling was all over the place.

I saw it as a normal thing at first (besides there were only a number of regular characters in the series, and certain situations inevitably made some characters closer to each other). But after a while, I found it awkward already. On season 6 I learned that there would actually be a Stefan x Caroline pairing... like wtf.

  • Damon Salvatore seems to have slept with all the female characters in the series. 

Except for Bonnie I guess? xD I know, this is all part of Damon's character of being that bad guy. Good thing he still has a special relationship with Elena though. My heart was bursting with happiness when Damon and Elena finally got together. I was in cloud nine when Elena finally gave into her emotions and kissed Damon when they were in the motel (wherein Jeremy unfortunately interrupted them haha). It adds up to the spice to know that there were real feelings between these two actors in real life. ♥(ノ´∀`)

I have always been Team Damon since the beginning of time. Don't ever doubt me on that.

  • Some of the characters that I learned to love eventually (some almost) got killed in the series.

I think I cried the hardest when Jenna's character died after Klaus used him as the vampire in the ritual to destroy the Moon curse. I also was deeply moved on Rick's "death" (before he became that evil vampire hunter).

Watching The Vampire Diaries was a nice escape from reality. It kept me busy in a way that I didn't had to bury myself much with self-inflicted negative vibes when I am alone in my room. :P But I guess that's it, I'm done with the drama. This post is my closure for it. :)

I think I would be avoiding vampires for sometime now. I've had enough of them for a while. :B

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