Food Trips: Ogane Korean Restaurant

May 01, 2017

After watching my friend Xan's choir concert, we headed to Tomas Morato for dinner! Xan told me she knows a good Korean restaurant in the area. I trust her taste because she was the one who introduced me to Woori-gohyang, the one in QC (which is I think already closed now 😞). The restaurant is named Ogane (μ˜€κ°€λ„€) and it's 24-hours open!

The interior of the restaurant looks similar to those restos in Seoul, which gives the vibe that it serves authentic Korean food.

The restaurant was still packed with people even it was already past dinner time (we arrived around 10PM). I think Ogane really has lots of customers, that's why they are confident to be open the whole day and night.

When they served us the banchan (반찬) a.k.a. side dishes, I knew they were legit. With just these I was already satisfied. πŸ˜‹

They also have this egg soup! (not sure what it was called hehe)
We ordered some samgyupsal (삼곂살), of course.

The staff poured some egg on the sides of the stove which makes for another side dish! This is the first time I saw something like this. I didn't see this being done even in the restaurants I visited in Seoul.

bonus side dish: fried egg!

I really enjoyed that dinner. It's been a while since I ate in an authentic Korean restaurant and really got satisfied with the food. :D

Thanks again Xan for inviting me to the concert and to this dinner! Hope we could bond more in the future! 😊

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