Goodbye to My Piano

May 28, 2017

I've been meaning to sell my old piano for months now. I had to think about doing this actually for a long time, because the piano is very sentimental to me. This is where I learned most of the Vanessa Carlton and Yiruma pieces that I know, as well as most of the cover songs I did on my Soundcloud account.  However, I have not been using it for months already (or years?) and I realized this keyboard deserved better.

Lucky for me, the buyer of my pre-loved keyboard is someone I know who would use it in the best possible way. He's a pianist in their local church's choir. My piano will have a greater purpose. So with a sad heart, I had to let go of this piano. 😢

To pay tribute to the great times I had with my Yamaha keyboard, below are some of my favorite music I created using this great instrument.

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