Overnight Oats [♨ ~ #10]

May 01, 2017

I almost forgot about one of my original goals in the blog - to learn how to cook. Although for the past year things have improved, I was just not able to document them properly in the blog. Here's an attempt to continue this aspiration which I think would really be beneficial for me and for people around me if I get to master the art of cooking. 😊

So for this step, it's a simple recipe. I discovered this wonderful thing called overnight oats during one conversation over lunch with my colleagues. I researched on how it was done, and to my delight, the recipe consisted of two of my favorite things - yogurt and cream cheese. A few Google clicks led me to this article on Wholefully.com8 Classic Overnight Oats Recipes You Should Try and I felt all giddy looking at each of the recipes in that site.

Most of the ingredients of the overnight oats recipes were readily available at home. I just had to buy the cream cheese and of course the rolled oats. It was also so easy to prepare! Once you get all the ingredients, you just dump them all in a mason jar, leave it in the fridge overnight and by the next day, it's ready to be eaten for breakfast!
my version of the banana chocolate chip - replaced the choco chips with stick-o!

carrot cake overnight oats - my most favorite recipe
Among the recipes on that site, my favorites are the classic recipe, carrot cake, banana chocolate chip
and strawberry cheesecake. I didn't like the others: chocolate peanut butter / chocolate coconut, tropical fruit, and pumpkin spice. Looking at the list, apparently I've already tried creating all of the recipes from that site! Neat!

For now, my go-to overnight oats recipes are carrot cake and strawberry cheesecake. These never fail to make my morning breakfasts wonderful. Unfortunately, after consuming these oats every morning for nearly two weeks, I realized I had to stop because they were making me fat. 😭 These oats were the only new stuff I've introduced in my diet for the past half month, and when I stepped onto the scales, I realized I gained 4 pounds. 😭 So even though I liked them very much, I had to cut back to prevent myself from further gaining some more unwanted pounds.

Still, I'm so glad I got to discover this alternative way of preparing my oats for a breakfast meal. I enjoyed experimenting with the different recipes in that site, making me excited to eat my breakfast each morning. 😊

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2 (mga) komento

  1. Just when I thought its for healthy eating... apparently, the last part of your post says everything! aawww!

    1. I know. :( Cream cheese is the culprit! Hehehe.


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