Obsessing with the Phantom Again

May 21, 2017

I've been meaning to rewatch the DVD of the Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary performance for weeks because I missed the songs of this musical. Finally I was able to do so last night and all the warm feelings about POTO came rushing back to me.

I realized it was already 5 years ago when I saw the musical at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). I was really drawn to the story, the characters, the music, the stage setup... just everything. I couldn't get enough of it. I remember I engrossed myself with watching the movie version, and even reading the book where it was based from (wherein I read more interactions between Christine and Erik). Watching the DVD that night made me realize how much I missed this musical.

Just during the start of the musical, when that iconic Overture was played and the chandelier came to light, I had giddy goosebumps.

the majestic chandelier during the 25th anniversary performance of
the Phantom of the Opera
When the Music of the Night scene came, a realization dawned upon me - there was something darker going on during this part. There were subliminal meanings expressed in the lyrics and on the actions of the actors . Read this post on an in-depth analysis of this scene so you'd understand what I am talking about. I am glad I am not the only one who thought of it that way.

"Floating, falling sweet intoxication
Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation"
My oh my, have I forgotten how I was crushing on Ramin Karimloo after watching the DVD for the first time? Well I remembered it  all again, and I just had to appreciate how good looking he is and how he's really mysterious and enthralling as the Phantom. 😍💓

Because the DVD version showed closed up shots of the actors, I was able to see their facial expressions very well for each of the scenes. There was this scene wherein I saw a tear streaming down Sierra Borgess' cheek. It was during the Music of the Night part. I was deeply moved. This just means the actors were so into the character that their emotions overwhelm them.

I have so much respect for these actors because it takes a lot of discipline to act in these musicals. Everything has to be perfect - from the singing to the acting. There's no room for mistakes: no take two, no retakes. And Ramin and Sierra flawlessly enacted their parts. I was so moved I needed to clap with the audience (note: I was watching it on my laptop).

Even though I knew what will happen, I was still moved during the part where Christine kissed the Phantom. I saw the initial shock on Erik's face, which immediately softened when the realization about Christine's decision sank in. He was deeply touched that he let her and Raoul go. Then, I literally teared up when Christine approached the Phantom to give back the ring, and the Phantom sang "I love you" to her one last time. 😭

This was so heart-wrenching to watch.
During the end of the show, when Andrew Lloyd Webber came up on stage to make a speech, I reckon I saw streaks of tears on his face while talking to the crowd. POTO is the longest running musical in history to date, and very well deserved at that. Webber is a musical genius. I see him as the Phantom himself, while Sarah Brightman is his real-life Christine Daae. Looking at how this musical came to life, it's too obvious to see that love is the root of it all. Webber created the musical to make the love of his life (then) Brightman as the star of the musical.

See below a performance of Sarah Brightman as Christine and Michael Crawford as the Phantom.

Crawford is so on-point as the Phantom. His voice is hauntingly beautiful.


My love for The Phantom of the Opera has officially been rekindled. 💗


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