My Hair Color Escapades

May 01, 2017

Ever since (temporarily) dyeing my hair blue for a costume for last year's Christmas party, I fantasized of actually coloring my hair (the effect of KPOP is starting to come out 😜). Bleaching my hair never came to my mind before, but because I had friends who were willing to try this for the first time also, I felt braver. Why not, right? I'll have this checked off my bucket list. If in case I didn't get to like it, then I won't do again. That's fair enough reasoning to convince myself to actually do it just once in my life.

As of this writing, it's already been two months since I did my ultimate hair color change. I've already had two color changes. Here are the steps that I had to go through to achieve my dream hair color!

#1 Getting that hair color treatment. 
We searched for the best salon to do our hair color. On every blog post that we saw, Azta Urban Salon was always mentioned. Since there was a branch near our workplace, we decided this was the place to be! After work hours, we headed to the salon to further check out their hair color treatments. After several questions with the staff there, we decided to do the funky shades in pastel.

a page of Azta Urban Salon's service menu
I didn't want to stand out too much within a crowd because of a colored hair, so getting a highlights is just the right treatment for me.

So came our appointment day! We had our hair bleached first. I think it took around 2 hours for this process to be completed.

It was all our first time to get our hair bleached, so we were kinda amused to see our white hairs after the bleaching part.

#sidetrivia - Azta Urban salon serves one of the best-tasting milk tea I've ever had! They won't reveal how they prepare it though (of course that would be a secret!)

Then came the coloring part. This was one that I enjoyed the most, because we could already see what colors our hair would have! I chose two colors for my hair - purple violet and light pink. #exciting

After an hour or so, we were done! Presenting the finished product!

purple unicorn hair! 🦄💗

#2 Hair Maintenance
We've already been told by the staff at the salon that our hair color would eventually fade because it's just semi-permanent. We can prolong the color though, by using sulfate-free hair products. They were offering us some shampoo and hair mask at the salon, but they were too expensive. I had to search for alternatives. I found these products at Healthy Options - Tints of Nature sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner which were indeed cheaper.

Aside from using these organic hair products, I lessened the frequency of washing my hair. That's another technique to make hair color last. However it was a bit uncomfortable for me because my hair gets too oily when not washed. I had to return back to washing my hair daily.

Through further research, I discovered that using a hair mask would help preserve our hair color. I found some Davines products on sale over at BeautyMNL which were much much cheaper than those being offered to us at the salon. It was the same product, so buying at BeautyMNL was really a steal. I purchased this Glorifying Pak, which I alternate with the Tints of Nature conditioner.

#3 Color Retouch
After around two months, it was quite obvious that the colors were already fading out. Here's photos of my friend Krishan's hair some periods after the treatment at the salon.

I wasn't able to track mine that accurately. But looking at the photos that I have, I saw the hair color fading little by little. The purple violet became pink and the original light pink had completely been washed out back to the original bleached color.

That's when I decided it's time to do a color touch up! I initially decided to do it again at Azta salon, but I decided to follow what Krishan done - I bought my own hair color and did the application myself (plus a little help from my mom for those hard-to-see parts hehe).

I bought Manic Panic hair colors from BeautyMNL. Because the violet shades were sold out, I decided to just buy Shocking Blue and Vampire Red colors. I thought of combining the colors to ahieve the violet hue, but I changed my mind last minute. To make things simpler, I applied the blue colors first. This is how my hair looks like today:

sporting blue highlights this time!
I'll just wait for the color to fade again. I'll be applying the red color next, hoping for some shade of violet to come out. Then after that I'll just alternate applying the blue and red colors.

I'm really enjoying this hair color adventure so far. It was quite expensive I should say, but it was worth the experience. There's something about colored hair that makes you more confident. No more boring hair day! Although this won't be a long-term endeavor, I'm very glad I did it. 

Another goal checked off from my bucket list! Thanks to Krishan and Jo for the encouragement and support through this adventure. 😁

P.S. Krishan already went far and beyond for his hair goals. He already has a full hair color! For Jo, she want back to sporting brown hair color because she didn't want a high-maintenance type of hair. 😂 

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