Taipei 2017: Our Accommodation: Energy Inn

November 10, 2022

We stayed at Energy Inn in Taipei during this trip. Darcy and I shared a room, and it was comfy and spacious even though we both have large suitcases lying around. 😆 They have nice bathrooms too, and the room was complete with amenities.

I distinctly remember their pantry and the breakfast we had each day. Milk and coffee were refillable. ☕

We had a great experience staying here, and it's not surprising that the hostel has great ratings on various booking sites. ❤️ 

These rates were in 2017. Looking at in 2022, their rating has gone up to 9.2! Great job!

I guess it still holds that, even though our experience was from 5 years ago, they still have excellent service until now! This hostel is still something I would recommend when coming to Taipei.👏

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