Taipei 2017: The Vlogs

November 12, 2022

I have never done this for any of my travels since this one (and I've this for a few more after then I stopped 😅). I went to Taipei with some of my colleagues at the office in 2017. It was also that year that I bought my Lumix ZS70. This was the first trip that I got to use this camera so I was excited to film. Five years later, I unearthed gigabytes of video footage from my hard drive as I finished my blogs for this trip. These are golden memories that I didn't want to be kept in eternity inside my disk so I decided to edit them and upload them here. I have not traveled with them again since, but hopefully we could make travel memories again, soon! 😁

I need to dump the videos here little by little. I got tons of footage, apparently. 😅

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