Taipei 2017: Day 6 ~ Back at the Night Market

November 10, 2022

Night time was fast approaching so I decided to go to Raohe Night Market. Similar to Shilin Night Market, the place was also jam packed with people, and I think that is a good sign that there is good food there, right? πŸ˜‰

Right at the entrance, I saw a line of people in front of a stall. From what I have learned during our travels, I knew there's something good in this line, so I joined them even though I didn't know what they were lining up for. πŸ˜… Well, turned out they were there for this pork bun stall! When I got nearer in the front, I was able to smell the goodies that awaited me!

Lining up was worth it for this bun.

It was during this moment that I proved again that that travel hack was indeed a great idea. The pork bun was to die for! 😭And so I continued going through the night market happily munching my steamy pork bun.

Looking at my archives, I realized that I didn't have many photos for the rest of that night, because of the fact that my hands were full because of the food that I bought. But according to my journal, I noted that I also ate seaweed chicken, ice cream puff, and that peanut brittle ice cream in lumpia wraps!

Coincidentally, I also bumped on Mai and Jam at the market. But I decided to give them quality time as a couple so I continued with my solitary exploration around the market. 

Back at the hotel, I met with them and Darce, and we decided to go back outside to eat again. πŸ˜…Well this was our last night so I guess we were just maximizing our time there. We bought some food (I couldn't remember what they were LOL) and ate them at the pantry.

It was such a nice way to wrap up our last night in the city -- great food with great company! 

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