Dental Experience at Affinity Dental, Ortigas

November 12, 2022

Most of the time, we tend to deprioritize our health and well-being in favor of other "important" tasks like work (yeah I know, I'm guilty tooπŸ™„). This is the case with my sister. For the past several weeks, she had been ignoring her tooth ache by popping some pain reliever. She can't seem to find the time to visit a dentist amidst her busy weekday schedule. But, we all know that work can wait, right?

Finally, I got to accompany her to do a consultation at Affinity Dental at Ortigas to see what procedures are needed to restore the health of my sister's teeth. It's a bit daunting to visit the dentist since the pandemic, so I believe it's really important to choose carefully which dentist clinic you will be visiting. Are they using safety health protocols? Are they sanitizing their instruments? Will I feel safe that I won't catch the virus from dropping by their clinic? I'm pleased to say that for Affinity Dental, the answers are all YES. ✅

✔️The clinic is clean and well-sanitized.

Their PPE kit for the patient even includes a pen!

The reception area feels like that of a hotel. 😊

My sister filling out the patient information sheet at the reception area

Even if you are just accompanying someone at the clinic, you will feel relaxed and comfy at the reception area. 😁

They have an air purifier which was reassuring for me. That's another layer of protection against any type of viruses!

Ms. Tala helping my sister with the PPE 😁

I was fascinated with the ambience of the clinic. Are we visiting the dentist or are we in a hotel lobby for a staycation? πŸ˜† Their patient room is also spacious and has extra chairs for companions of the patients, I think. Aside from noticing that the patient's room was also very spick and span, I immediately spotted that monitor playing classical music videos. So, I had this question in mind -- why do dental clinics play classical music as a background during procedures? πŸ€”❓During my wisdom tooth removal recently, there was also classical music playing during the surgery. This was an interesting observation, and I think I would research more about it. πŸ€“πŸŽΆ(EDIT: apparently it's been a subject for research before, with interesting papers to read on).

I can't emphasize enough how clean the clinic was. Aside from the sanitation, they are very organized with their instruments.

✔️They have x-rays and other machines to accurately diagnose your problem

When our doctor came in (hello Doc Reggy 😁), my sister explained the history of her tooth ache. After a few minutes of questions and discussions, they instructed us that we'll need to get a panoramic x-ray of the teeth to diagnose the problem. 

Affinity Dental has their very own x-ray equipment. They prepared the machine and we transferred to the x-ray room. With just a few minutes, the x-ray was done! Again, I can't help but compare this with my own experience at another dental clinic. I also needed to get a panoramic x-ray that time and I had to get it outside of that clinic. Imagine the hassle of scheduling another appointment at a diagnostics center for the x-ray and scheduling another appointment to your dentist to look at the results of the x-ray. The several-days-effort was converted to just a few-minutes time of waiting here at Affinity Dental. It was so hassle-free and convenient. πŸ‘

Tadah! The panoramic x-ray was printed and already available for the dentist to examine.
They also did a periapical x-ray to further examine the tooth of concern.

Doc Reggy explaining to my sister the state of her tooth using the image taken from the x-ray.

With the diagnosis all set, they discussed the next steps on what procedures are needed to be done for my sister's tooth. There were a lot of options, and I think it's important to discuss that with your dentist. We had a lot of questions and Doc Reggy was very patient in informing us what needs to be done, when to do this, and (most importantly LOL) how much each option would cost. πŸ’Έ

I just had to take a mirror selfie. 😜

Now that we're well-informed with what's going on with my sister's tooth, we're planning to do some more visits at the clinic for the next steps and for the treatment. I feel like we are in safe and skilled hands for the rest of this adventure. Good luck sis! 🦷

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