Taipei 2017: Day 7 ~ Last Stops + Home

November 10, 2022

The last day of our trip has come! Honestly, I don't remember much about this day anymore (because it's been 5 years!). Again, this is the disadvantage of not writing about my experiences while the memories are fresh. 😅 Still, thanks to photos that I took and notes that I have written down on my journal, I still have some references on what we did for this day of the trip.

Mirror selfie from 5-year old younger me (at least as of this writing)! 😅

We had breakfast at the hotel and then went to Longshan Temple. I can't find a single photo of us being there, but I remember we accompanied Darcy there as she lit incense sticks and prayed. I just felt it rude to take photos of their place of worship, so I didn't take a single photo. 

Then we went to this noodle place in Ximenching, and even saw fellow Filipinos there. Their menu was all in Chinese. Good thing we had Darcy to translate for us. 😁

Since we still had time before we needed to be at the airport, we checked Yelp for nearby coffee shops and we found this one nearby (aaah I did not take note of the place 😭). It was nice and cozy there.

Taking artsy shots LOL.

I ordered some Irish Coffee. It was good!

We did a bit of strolling after and then bought Almond Milk from Yu's Almond Dessert, which according to Darce was a must-try. And of course, I had to! Up to the last hour I realized we were still eating. 😆

And just like that, vacation was over! We headed to the airport and flew back home. It was such an experience being able to travel with friends. I enjoyed going back memory lane and revisiting these moments. 😁

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