Monument Valley II: Revisiting The Magic

December 26, 2017

I was so in love with the first installment of this game so when I heard that there's a second installment, I was really looking forward to play it. It took me a while to finally download the app because I find it too expensive. Luckily, I won a contest online and was given a prize of an Amazon Gift card worth $15. I used it to buy the app from the Amazon store!

As expected, the graphics and animation of the game are still marvelous. I really loved the audio too! I mostly played it at night (with headphones on full volume) and it felt like I was walking through a lovely dream.

Based on the story line, I think this actually serves as a prequel for the first installment. I might be wrong on this, but the child character on this one looks vaguely similar with Ida, the lead character in the first Monument Valley game.

I somehow missed the gawking crows. Instead for this one, we see growing trees, marvelous stars (that form snowflake patterns), and the fairies that speak to Ro's (the mother) character and her daughter in what appear to be their dreams. One treat we have here is that we see again our beloved Totem, helping our characters cross puzzles in the valley.

It's a wonderful experience to revisit the valley again, though to be honest, the ending of the gameplay was too abrupt for me. I wanted more. I wanted to stay longer in the valley.

Anyway, I hope ustwogames launches another sequel for this again. And by the way, this game won them awards again! (Best Mobile Game for 2017 🏆) Congrats!


Monument Valley II | Apple Store | Google Play

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