Walking Down Memory Lane at My Alma Mater

December 25, 2017

During the last quarter of 2017, I became a student again at my college. This time, I was taking a language class as part of my hobby. I don't know why but I just had this urge one day to learn Korean seriously, thus finally enrolling to formal classes (I was self-studying for the longest time).

Since I was always in the campus area during the weekend, I decided to call up my thesismates to catch up with each other (they are the same friends who went to Seoul with me 2016). After my language class, I met with Mel. As usual, Rey was late (he had an earlier appointment I think?) so while waiting for him, Mel and I went around the campus and just took photos of places that we used to go to when we were still students. It really felt nostalgic being in those places again!

Do you remember having your lunch @ Momsy's Canteen? πŸ˜€
For sure, UP Engineering students will recognize these paths. Most likely you've walked these paths feeling dreadful about your Math exams. πŸ˜‚

Since it's already ~7 years since I graduated, there are already several new structures that have been built in the campus. An obvious one is this snack area near the EEE building. This is where we met Rey, and then proceeded to going to UP Town Center to have lunch.

Mama Lou's @ UP Town Center
I know this is not anymore part of that nostalgic walk around campus. This is more on discovering new spots in areas you are familiar with. UP Town Center still didn't exist when I was in college, but for the years after I graduated, this mall served as my regular meetup with my college batchmates.

During this meetup, my thesismates celebrated Mel's birthday. We got that (complimentary) cake from the restaurant which Mel accepted out of sheer embarrassment. πŸ˜†As usual we shared stories about the latest happenings about our life, our careers, and where we are headed in the future. We all came from the same spot before we started our own career paths, and it's fascinating how each of us have come this far in our respective journeys in life.

Our conversation dragged until the evening. With these two, the range of topic for conversation is endless.
I really enjoyed that day. It's so nice to look back to the place where I formed my dreams, and to be with people who I shared the challenges of climbing to the top (And with pride I tell that both of them graduated with honors! The most of an achievement I could accomplish was to graduate on time, with my batchmates, and I am forever grateful I was able to do just that).

Thank you Mel and Rey! See you around soon! I hope we could travel overseas again. Tokyo, this time perhaps? πŸ˜€

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