Sound Bites: Breathing (Kim Jaejoong) [☯ ~ #7]

December 24, 2017

With the continuing post-concert hype I had since meeting Jaejoong last month (and just writing that sentence up is making me twitterpated 😍), I decided to listen more to his album No.X. In my first listen, one song stood out: it's the song entitled Breathing. That's the subject of today's post! Also as part of my 한글 공부 (Hangeul study), we'll delve down to the lyrics and find words that can be added to my vocabulary!

Kim Jaejoong (No.X)

[verse 1:]
이대로 떠나자
Let’s leave like this

너의 손을 잡고서
Holding your hand

만 있는 바다로
To a beach where there would be only two of us

에서만 봐왔던
A place we only looked from far away

 beautiful sun

네게 선물 할래
I give a gift to you

거친 따도 소리
with the sound of the rough waves

막힘없이 소리쳐봐
I scream without holding back

넘치우리 사랑
Our overflowing love 

oh thank you girl

너와 함께 breathing
With you breathing

모든 것이 전부 아름다워
Everything is beautiful


마치 천국을 걷는 것만 같아
It's like walking in heaven

세상이 날 힘들게 헤도
If the world gets hard on me

지금처럼 아 줄래
Will you embrace me like you do now

가슴 가득 널 끌어안고
I hug you fully against my heart

And shout to the world

[verse 2:]
사랑미친 거라 말하대
You say that love is crazy

진짜 는 것 같아 yeah
I think that is really true yeah

건난 파도가 치고 있어
Waves are crashing in the other side

세상 끝에 왔어
We are at the end of the world

흥본된 이 기분
This feeling of excitement

바람이라 느낄 거야
It feels like the wind.

저편에 우리 사랑
To the other side, our love

oh thank you world

[repeat chorus]

all i have is you

바로 너 그게 날 설게 해줘
That’s what keeps me standing

all i need is you

이대로 everyday my girl
Like this everyday my girl

[chorus 2:]
너와 함께 breathing
With you breathing

모든 것이 전부 아름다워
Everything is beautiful


마치 천국을 걷는 것만 같아
It's like walking in heaven

세상이 날 힘들게 헤도
If the world gets hard on me

지금처럼 곁에 있어 줄게
I'll be there for you right now

가슴 가득 널 끌어안고
hug you fully against my heart

세상에 소리칠게
And shout to the world

New words/ phrases learned:

- hand
바다 - sea / beach
- stone
선물- gift
소리 - voice
천국 - heaven
세상 - world
가슴 - chest
파도 - waves
편 - side / direction
기분 - feelings / mood
바람 - wind

바로 - straight

이대로 - like this
모든 - all / every
마치 - just like

떠나다 - to leave
잡다 - to hold
넘치다 - to overflow
힘들다 - to be hard / difficult
안다 / 끌어안다 - to hug
소리치다 - to shout / to scream
미치다 - to be crazy
말하다 - to say / to speak
맞다 - to be correct / to be true
같다 - to be the same / to be identical
치다 - to hit / to strike
느끼다 - to feel / to experience

너와 함께 - with you

Some sentences I created:

바다에 너와 함께 가고 싶어요. [I want to go to the beach with you.]
바다를 좋아요. [I like the sea.]
이대로 우산을 자바요. [Just hold your umbrella like this.]
손을 잡고 싶어요. [I want to hold your hand.]
천국을 있어요? 알고 싶어요. [Does heaven exist? I want to know.]
오늘 당신은 생일이 그래서 나 선물 하고 있어요. [Today is your birthday, so I'm giving you a present.]
왜 당신은 돌을 있어요? [Why do you have stones?]
기분이 힘들어요, 그래서 제발 끌어안아 주세요. [I feel tired, so please hug me.]

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