Thank you 2017!

December 31, 2017

Another year is about to end. A lot had happened - both good and bad, but at the end of the day, I'm just glad that we are all healthy and happy. That's all that matters to me.

This year has been a wild ride. As we grow older, I realized that our priorities change. For some, this could mean choosing a different path from the person you've been with all your life. It is difficult at first but, as I've also learned this year, you'll get used to it.

Accomplishments / Bucket Lists Checked

  • For the longest time, I wanted to sell my old piano because I upgraded to a new one. It was sitting idly in our living room for a while. Finally I found a buyer, and the new owner is the best I could ask for. He is a pianist of his church choir. I was 100% sure my piano would be used the best way possible.
  • For the first time, I had my hair bleached and colored. Though this change costed me a bit (including all the after-treatment maintenance), I am glad I did it. 
  • I finally did that consultation. It took me a lot of courage to finally admit that I needed help. It was all worth it. I'm already out of that darkness and I have a better mindset now.
  • I upgraded to a new camera for concerts! After attending The Maine concert, I noticed that my previous camera was not anymore performing to my standards. And so, after lots of thinking, I bought a new Lumix camera! And because of this, I was able to capture this next artist with the best quality photo possible...
  • Kim Jaejoong. I was able to meet the main vocals of TVXQ, the band I have fangirled for almost a decade now.


  • Podcasts. I've mentioned before that I am into podcasts. This year, I have made it a habit to listen to my favorite podcasts during my ride to work. My two great discoveries this year are NPR's Ted Radio Hour and All Songs Considered. Give yourself a favor and listen to these great great podcasts!

  • Artists. I'm an advocate of Indie artists. The music that is playing over the mainstream radio is really not my taste anymore, so I turn to Spotify to help me discover hardly-known artists that play music that I like. I just discovered Before You Exit and The Maine this year, and I am fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to see them live. Well there's one mainstream artist that I religiously followed this year - that's Taylor Swift. I fangirled hard over her this year, especially during the release of her reputation album (all thanks to /r/TaylorSwift). Also, I discovered this year that my taste for music spans eras because this year, I became a fan of Queen (I even sang one of their songs in the videoke, and none of my colleagues were familiar of the song LOL)
  • Drama Series. I was kinda surprised to see the list of shows that I have watched this year. I didn't just delve into Korean dramas (which is what's usual with me). Instead I see a list including Japanese, and English dramas. I guess the best one I'm most proud of discovering this year is the series Black Mirror. This show is not for everyone though. My colleagues warned me about S1E1, but nah it didn't strike me that much. I was more moved by the point they wanted to drive home to their audience - how powerful media can be in diverting a nation's attention. Yes, I recognize how powerful mainstream media can be.
The future looks bright.
Skills Unlocked

  • I started and ended this year with a bang: I earned my first ever certification in January, and got a second one in November. πŸ˜€
  • I studied Korean formally this year! After years of attempting to enroll in a class at the Korean Cultural Center, I found the opportunity instead at my own alma mater UP Diliman. I passed my Korean 1 class, and is self-studying for now using materials from Talk To Me in Korean site.

Travelled to New Borders
I saw the beauty of Sagada and Coron this year (posts coming soon πŸ˜…). Overseas, I finally set foot to Taiwan.

To evaluate this year, I'll have to say my soul grew the most during this time. I learned to be more independent and not to rely on anyone's decision for myself. It's a lonely road I know, but I guess I'll have to make the most out of what this life has to offer for me. I won't look for something anymore.

μ•ˆλ…•νžˆκ²Œμ„Έμš” 2017λ…„! 정말 κ°μ‚¬ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€.

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