Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Lunch at Suke6 Diner

April 22, 2019

Navigating through Google Maps around Tokyo was such a flawless task. It felt like I was just actually in a treasure hunting game. This was the feeling while searching for this restaurant that I researched via Yelp called Suke6 Diner, which had high ratings on the site.

Since I was just one customer, I just raised a finger up to tell the staff I am requesting for a table for one. Expectedly, I was directed to one of the high tables behind the counter.

This restaurant serves breakfast dishes all day. Based on what I read online, it was actually difficult to find a breakfast place in Japan, so having this meal is a great change from the usual ramen shops that are available.

I was given the menu and a glass and a bottle of water. I was reminded then of this unspoken rule in Japan that it is actually rude if you enter a restaurant and drink water that you carried with you. It's like you are disrespecting their services for you. They are giving you service so they expect their customers to get it all from them, even the water to quench their thirst.

I was glad to gulp down some cold water because I was already a bit tired because of all the walking that I have done throughout the day so far. Even though I had a bottled water with me, I happily served myself with some water from the bottle they gave to me.

Upon seeing the menu (which is mostly in English, so awesome!), it was not long before I gave them my order. I already knew what I wanted to try. Most of the reviews on Yelp stated that their Avocado Toast is a must-try. That's what I ordered, together with iced soy latte (yum!).

I super liked the soy latte!

I like that there's this lime to be squeezed on top of the avocado toast dish. It gave it that distinct flavor. I also liked the poached egg. Having an avocado served this way is just so Western and honestly I didn't really like it. I would prefer my avocado as a cold fruit shake anytime. This just shows that a highly-recommended dish is still possible to not suit your taste.
Surprisingly, this meal made me feel loaded. It's enough to be my lunch!

On the next post:
I knew it was still early afternoon and I have a long day ahead before the evening comes. I searched online for some cool activities that can be done around the area, and that's when I found this cat cafe just across the street! I have been to one back in Manila but I have never been to one overseas. I pinned the location on the Google Maps app and then proceeded my way out to an adventure with some feline friends!

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