Solo in Tokyo: An Introduction

April 15, 2019

I just landed yesterday from a nine-day soul searching trip in Tokyo, Japan. I have booked and planned for this trip since June of the previous year and honestly the planning stage was a bit stressful for me. This was my first ever solo trip in a city that I will be visiting for the first time. Now that it has officially ended, I still couldn't believe how everything went smoothly as planned.

I was able to arrive safely to my hostel without much hassle, conquer the puzzle of riding the subway train (and surprisingly I only got onto the wrong train a few times only!), located all the restaurants that I wanted to dine in, and do the activities that I have drafted on my itinerary each day. I still cannot believe all of these wonderful things really happened, and again I will always say this whenever I will describe this trip - I am so forever thankful that everything went on as smoothly as it was, like as if all of it was meant to happen. I promised myself I will document this trip as soon as possible, because I wanted to capture these wonderful feelings and express them in words while they are still fresh in my memories.

The next posts will be filled will all the memories I have created in this unforgettable trip, which feels like a dream right now. Good thing that there are things that I took home that will forever remind me of this trip. Hop on, because this is going to be one of those rides that will last for a lifetime.

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