Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Morning Stroll at Sumida Park

April 21, 2019

After my visit at the Sensoji Temple, my next item on my itinerary was to go visit Sumida Park where the last day of the Cherry Blossom Festival was to be held. The park was also at the Asakusa area and was just a short walk from the shrine.With the ever dependable Google Maps on my phone, I proceeded to walking towards the direction the app told me to go to reach the park. I noticed that my current location on the map (that blue dot) was not accurately moving to match my position change (yes I am this demanding to technology LOL). I crossed the street towards the wrong direction a few times. But yeah, after a few more times, I finally got it right.

One of the lanes I crossed. Although it was the wrong direction, the scenery I captured was still worth it.
While enroute to my destination, I found myself taking photos of some of the already familiar landmarks to me along the way, thanks to all the extensive research I did before this trip. One example is this landmark within view of the Sky Tree. Even if I didn't encounter this during my research, for sure it would still have caught my attention, because by gut feel there's something special about this landmark structure.

This is eye-catching, right?
This is actually the Asahi Beer Headquarters, a famous beer brand in Japan. The golden building resembles that of a beer jug with foam on top, and the other golden structure at the side is called a golden flame, although it is also called as "the golden poo". n_nv After a few minutes of following the directions shown on Google Maps, I eventually found the park. You'll actually know that it is the park because flocks of people were going towards the area.

Of course I was aptly welcomed by thIs gorgeous cherry blossom tree, and that fancy clock telling me it's lunch time soon.

I will never get tired of looking at cherry blossoms. I guess I share this sentiment with the locals because it's part of their tradition to do hanami. Cherry blossoms hold a lot of special meaning for me, even coming from the time of my childhood, here in the present, and even up to the future. This is the reason this flower ended up to be the main design of my first ever tattoo (more details on this life-changing experience on a future post!).As I walked along the park, I intently looked up and just gazed at the beautiful flowers before me (I knew I looked stupid during this time, but meh I didn't care). n_nv

At my left were the array of cherry blossom trees (with the locals doing hanami), while at my right was the Sumida river and a view of the Sky Tree. It was a very relaxing view.

I continued walking along the stretch of the park. I noticed that even though there were a lot of people walking, there were still a few bikes rolling around. Riding a bike along the park was part of my planned activity. However I didn't push this through because 1) there were too many people walking, and I am still not skilled enough to flawlessy dodge out of everyone's way, and 2) there were downslope paths. I concluded that I would just get stressed if I get a bike so yeah, I stuck with being just a pedestrian in the park.

Here are again some proof that I actually walked along the Sumida Park. I have already accepted the fact of life that selfies are what I would mostly get when travelling solo. ^^

I planned to stay and just stroll around Sumida park until the early evening to see how the night viewing of cherry blossom was like, so I knew I need to eat somewhere nearby. I had a specific restaurant in my mind where I will get lunch. Feeling my stomach rumble was the signal for me to go to that place! :)

Up on the next post: Ordering a highly-recommended dish on Yelp for my lunch at the Sumida park!

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