Christmas 2020 Movie Marathon

January 10, 2021

I know I am a few weeks late on this, but it's better late than never, right?

For the first time in the last few years, we didn't have my nieces over for Christmas because of the pandemic. So it was kind of a quiet (and early) Christmas dinner. At 9PM, the lights in the house were already out. I still didn't want to go to sleep... so I thought- what should I do on Christmas night? And so I resorted to doing a movie marathon that is Christmas-themed, and what better time to do this than on the eve of the celebration, right?

I planned on watching three movies, but I ended up with only two because I felt sleepy already (it was already 2AM when the second movie ended). I just watched the third one one night after Christmas during the vacation break.

These are the movies I ended up watching:

"A true selfless act always sparks another."

This movie tells a "Santa Claus origins" story. I think this is the first movie I watched that narrated how Santa Claus came to be as we know him today. You can tell that the people behind the film have the most creative minds out there. The film revealed how each little detail associated around Christmas father came to be. They are subtly planted throughout the film, but once you get it, you'd be blurting "hah you got me there", that's at least how I reacted with each revelation. The story is very original and I loved every part of it. I didn't expect to be moved to tears, but I found myself ugly sobbing during some specific parts. Even though the ending was kind of predictable already, it still had a very satisfying effect. Even if you are a kid at heart, you will be able to appreciate the magic of Christmas all over again. 

I tagged one of the creators of the film (picked a random name that I saw during the credits roll) on an IG post after watching the film, and I felt so happy because she actually replied! πŸ’“ Just passing the Christmas cheer around, I guess? 
Let It Snow
"When life offers you something special, you take it."

I chose this movie based on the description that stated that a heavy snow came one day to a small countryside and it affected the lives of these different teens. So it just meant that the events of this movie happened only in a day, with snow around. And I have precious happy memories with snow... and they also happened in just a day. Yeah, it was just in that parallelism that I chose to watch this one.

I was not even half-way into the movie but I was already so bored. But I endured, telling myself that I might still get something out of this movie. Well, I did... and so for the second time that night, I was welling up with tears. The floodgates were stronger this time, because a character's mother said that one line. And it shook me, big time. That's why even though I was bored for the most of the film, I still got to like it because of that. 

A California Christmas

This is one of those movies that you know the story is super clichΓ©, that the ending is already so predictable... but you still watch it because uhm there's a good looking character in it. πŸ˜‚ Yeah, I admit it, I added this movie to my list on Netflix because of Josh Swickard. 😍 Just watch the trailer and you will understand it. He had amazing chemistry with the lead actress, that's why it came to no surprise upon googling that they are a real-life couple! I cried, again, because of the mother in the story. I don't have a special someone (yet!) so usually I cannot relate that much about couples drama, but give me any material that deals with the topic of parents and you will surely find me bawling my eyes out. 

This movie marathon was a nice distraction from things. If I find myself having some extra me-time around the same time next year, I'll do this again. It was fun!

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