Life By Casa: Scented Candles At Its Best

January 16, 2021

I have never been into scented candles. I just tried some brands on BeautyMNL out of whim and curiosity. I was searching for items that I can use for some self-care and relaxation time (because you know, year 2020 😣). That's where I discovered this local business brand Life By Casa. I initially ordered their Lavender Bliss scented candle and I was amazed how aromatic it was. I observed that after at least an hour of lighting the candle, my room smelled like a lavender field. I super loved it.

I wanted to try the other scents that they had, but unfortunately, they were all sold out on BeautyMNL (I just clicked the Waitlist button for all of them). I also began following their Instagram account. Several weeks after, I saw a post from their IG account promoting their products and informing their followers that aside from BeautyMNL, we could also send them a DM for orders. That's when it hit me. And so I messaged them to order all of their other scents: Fresh Bamboo, Vanilla, and Suite Life. The person who I talked with via their IG account is very friendly. I believe the people behind this brand are nice people. 😊 After just a day of sending my order, I already received the items. So far, I have tried lighting the Fresh Bamboo, and it also exceeded my expectations! I'm truly loving their candles. I'm really looking forward to trying the other variants!

Vanilla. Plain but sweet. 

Suite Life. I think my room would smell like a posh hotel room with this!

Fresh Bamboo, before lighting up.
Fresh Bamboo, all lit up. This is the perfect vibe while listening
to Taylor Swift's folkore and evermore albums.

Life by Casa is the best one I've tried so far among scented candles. I have only tried a handful of brands, but the rest of them didn't even compare to how fragrant theirs were. If you're familiar with candle lingo, there's those terms 'cold throw' and 'hot throw.' The cold and hot throw of Life by Casa candles are both strong. For the other soy candles that I tried, they only had wisps of aroma coming from them, Meanwhile for the Life by Casa candles, the smell is really heavy (but in a good way), like there's this aura of atmosphere that you're being enveloped into. For example, if you stepped out of your room (where the candle is lit) for a bit, when you come back, you will really smell the difference of the scent from the outside. It's as if you've stepped into another dimension. 

I can't say enough how I really love their candles. Maybe this is how scented candles work. I might have been unlucky with my other purchases. But oh well, I'm not going to explore for now for other scented candles out there. I had been disappointed with my other purchases, and only the Life by Casa candles really satisfied my expectation (even exceeded them actually).

I have really been enjoying using them. It's becoming a nightly habit now to light up a candle by my bedside while I read a book, with a calming instrumental music playing nearby. I feel like this is my way of escaping reality and just transporting myself into the fictional world. My favorite part in this process is that once I feel my eyes are becoming heavy, I pause my reading and blow out the candle (by replacing the lid, so the smoke doesn't affect the smell of the room). As I close my eyes and slowly drift to sleep, I can still smell the fragrance around. I think this is the best way to end the day and transport myself to dreamland. 😴🌙

I highly recommend their candles. Disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post! I just love their product that I had to really write a post about it. I hope more people discover them so that they can enjoy the relaxing effect of the scented candles. This is also my little way of showing support for small local businesses. 😊

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