Dance With Me - Ross David [♬ ~ #34]

January 10, 2021

I've been hooked into watching a number of YouTube tutorials on the piano because I wanted to expand more my knowledge about the instrument. Although I have learned a bit of music theory from this Coursera course I'm currently taking (which I haven't picked up again😅), I felt like I wanted to learn more specifically on the art of accompaniment. Well, big thanks to this video, because through the concepts that was shown in that tutorial, I was able to understand the pattern more and I got to learn to mix and match the melodies that I wanted to hear on a pop song accompaniment.

What I discovered through that video was that I tend to use the same chord "structure" in a song that's why I always thought piano accompaniment for pop songs is too repetitive and boring. Well apparently there are tricks that can spice up a playing style that would allow listeners to pick up something new on every part of the song. I further understood the concept of chord inversions and how I could apply that in each part of the song to get the same chord but in a different "flavor" (if you get what I mean).

I applied all the concepts that I have learned when I created a piano accompaniment for the song Dance With Me by Ross David. It's in the key of A, and from that I expanded the I–V–vi–IV chord progression into different combinations in every part of the song. In all parts of the song, the same chord pattern applied (except for the bridge) but to make each part unique and interesting, I arranged chords in different forms. I compared this process with using synonyms of a word in different parts of a sentence so that the structure does not become repetitive because of using the same set of words. Well, I'm satisfied with the output.

I'm excited to see what other things I could do from here. I'm so inspired to play more often because I felt like I unlocked an essential life skill. 😍

And please listen to this acoustic version of the song. This is one of my favorite songs in my Spotify playlist, and I only recently discovered this arrangement by Ross himself. #heartyeyes #iammelting

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