Q1 2021 Goals Setting & Steps

January 07, 2021

Happy new year! 🎉 In some way, it feels kind of awkward to welcome 2021 because honestly, I have not fully grasped that 2020 really is over already. Everything back then feels like a blur now. As I try to recall the events that happened last year, flashes of a few out-of-town trips in January and February come to mind, then the Taal eruption, the stressful task of scrambling for masks, the pandemic, the lockdown, the nervous expeditions to the grocery, the work-from-home auto-pilot everyday routine, the nerve-wracking discussions of to-visit-or-not-to-visit-over-the-holidays with siblings, and then the absolute joy of seeing my nieces again... that's mostly what 2020 looked like for me (I am fully aware that I am "lucky", for lack of a better term, to be able to say that overall things were not that bad for me and my family last year... I am forever thankful to the Universe for that).

As I continue to move (cautiously) forward, I try to stick with things that worked for me, and setting goals is one of them. This is the root purpose of the blog actually (which is turning 10 years old now omg! Hey I might do a post to commemorate that 😁). I treat the audiences of the blog as my virtual accountability partners for these goals, and somehow that gives me the needed push and motivation to make these ambitions come to life.

So here we have my goals for January to March of the year.  Let's do this!

👩‍💼 Career 
research, plan, execute

💰 Financial
➝ enroll in that program

💡 Personal Development
➝ brush up piano skills
   - practice 30 minutes a day
   - record and publish 

🧘‍♀️ Spiritual
➝ finish the book

🎓 Educational 
➝ take online courses for the relevant skills

❤️ Relationship
(I still don't know what to put here) connect more with my folks

🏋️‍♀️ Physical and Health
➝ do intermittent fasting on weekdays
➝ exercise on weekends

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