Headphones Review: Audio Technica M50X BT

January 17, 2021

I've learned this lesson (with my experiences so far), but I'll say it again here: "Pursue things that make you happy." even if others think it doesn't make sense, or it's too expensive, or for whatever reason. If you honestly think something would give you happiness, go for it (of course, that's given that you won't be hurting anyone in the process). I have also learned that in this life, it's really all about the journey.

You might think I've placed a wrong title for this post, right? No I did not, because these statements are related to this review. And yes, I am being overly dramatic over some pair of headphones.😂 Purchasing these headphones allowed me to revisit and reevaluate my priorities in life. Initially, I thought I was overspending on an item, but the longer I used it, the more that I realized that I deserve to give myself the gift of music -- because it is one of the things that truly makes me happy. 😄

I guess these emotions also root from how I arrived onto possessing these headphones. I would have never imagined myself splurging for an item like this! For the sake of documentation purposes (future self, remember these beautiful memories, okay?), let's recount the events that led me to have this precious item in my possession (if you want to go straight to what I thought of these headphones, just scroll down to the review section 😁).

The Backstory
All the curiosity about headphones started with an encounter with a colleague. He always had headphones on and I got curious because it was my first time to see a bluetooth headphones up close. I have always been an earbuds-kind-of music listener, but during that time I got interested with the world of headphones. Finally I had the chance to ask him (thanks to my friends' encouragement LOL) and it was life-changing. I have never worn a noise-cancelling headphones before and I was thoroughly amazed of the technology. So, this the innovation that would allow you to sleep soundly in a 15-hour plane flight!

For weeks leading to my business trip to California in 2019, I had been researching about the best budget headphones out there. I think the last audio gear that I was thoroughly satisfied with was the pair that came with the Sony Walkman player that I purchased years ago. I decided I wanted to get something that's good as it was (and within reasonable price), and that's how I ended up with the Audio Technica brand. What really got me convinced to buy the headphones was this review video by Marques Brownlee on Youtube. Although this wasn't really the noise-cancelling type of headphones (because apparently those babies are expensive!), it leans more to the quality of music that it produces.

The day of the trip came, and guess what item I forgot to pack? 😅 It was the night before my flight, and I realized that my earphones were missing! I messaged that same colleague to check on my table back at the office to verify that I indeed left them there (hah I know it was just a lame excuse to talk to him LOL) and he said there was nothing on my table. 😓 This just meant that I would have to endure a long haul flight without music. 😭 But oh well, I told myself that at least having my earphones gone now justifies more my purchase of those Audio Technica headphones.

The Review
At that point, I already had a very high expectation of this product. I was very eagerly looking forward into finding out if all the reviews that I read were true, and most importantly, if it was all worth the purchase. In terms of price, it was the best deal for me. Since I bought it on Amazon, the price was way cheaper compared if I buy one locally. (huge thanks to a friend, who is based at the office headquarters, who received the package for me 💓!). After getting it from my friend and returning to my hotel, I opened the box and tried the headphones on. I tried playing some tracks from Taylor Swift's Lover album. To be honest, my first impression with the sound quality was bad. It was so bad I felt so sad at that moment and reevaluated the whole purchase all together. But I gave it another chance. I asked myself: "What kind of standards for a headphone's sound quality do I have if this highly-rated/reviewed gadget was still not good enough for me?" I also thought that I might be doing something wrong. Well yes, I actually was. 

💡Tip: Stream high-quality audio to better appreciate this headphone. If you are using Spotify, switch to the highest quality of streaming option. That's the way to have the best audio experience.

Now that the sound quality issue had been settled. I really got to enjoy using them. I thoroughly loved the wireless option! It was most useful for me for my work-from-home setup today. I still had continuous listening sessions even though I needed to stand up and get some stuff around the room or even outside at the kitchen. Switching to Bluetooth mode sounds kind of different compared with wired but they're still both good altogether. The battery life is insane also. I can use it for 8 hours in a day and I would still have the battery level fairly half-way. 

They say this model is best used as monitor headphones for when recording vocals or when doing studio tracking and mixing. Since I only use it for my personal listening pleasure, I can't really attest to that. But, after purchasing the headphones, I began to notice that most artists do use this! I've seen Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, and Halsey use this in their studio sessions/recording videos. I've seen producers use this, and I have heard DJs that actually use this in their gigs. 

So... what do I and all of these great women artists have in common? 😉

Overall Review:
(+) sound quality
(+) collapsible design
(+) battery life
(-) feels uncomfortable when worn for several hours

I have been using these pair of headphones for more than a year now, and I must say that this is now one of my most-prized possessions (because of the price lol). I never regret splurging on this because this gadget allowed me to experience music like no other, which is one of the priceless experiences that I truly enjoy in this life. 🎧🎵😍

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