Netflix Series Review: Shadow & Bone

June 02, 2021

I have just recently finished the series Shadow & Bone on Netflix and I'm having some major post-series depression, unexpectedly. To be honest, I didn't like the series initially. I was a bit bored most of the episodes, except for the last two 😅. After finishing the series on Netflix, I proceeded with watching YouTube videos of the actors' guesting. That's when I fell in love with them. I was able to appreciate them upon seeing their behind-the-scene footages and their interactions during those interviews. It seems like they have become really close to each other and I can feel that they get along really well.

For context, I wasn't familiar with the storyline. I know that the books are popular because I have encountered the title numerous times when visiting the local book store. So I went into this series without any expectations set. 

As a non-book reader, here are some of my thoughts about the series:

  • The casting is great - very diverse and inclusive. Most of the cast are new faces (except for Ben Barnes of course) so it was really refreshing to watch this casting. It showed that they were great actors because I was surprised when I saw the actors in their interviews on YouTube. Some of them were the exact opposites of their characters (Freddy and Ben, I'm looking at you two 👀) and that's what made me more curious about them.
  • The special effects in the series were breath-taking. It's also one of the factors why I also got to love the show. I especially liked the Fold and those monsters in it.
  • That unusual loveteam. Okay, since I had no idea about the plot in the books, it came to a surprise to me when Alina first kissed General Kirigan. I'm curious on how their love story would progress (please don't spoil me guys). This is one of the things that I would be looking forward on the next series. I have a liking with villains with soft spots, and it certainly adds up that the actor playing Darkling is the gorgeous and handsome Ben Barnes. I couldn't believe he is the same actor in Dorian Gray

With just eight episodes in the first season, it was actually a quick watch. I will certainly wait and watch the next episodes in the next seasons!

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