You Well-Being Festival: Year 2

June 27, 2021

Last year, I attended the first ever You Well-Being Festival. This is an online well-being festival with a whole array of speakers talking about their expertise in the well-being field. I really enjoyed the experience and I learned a lot. I'm so glad that they pushed through with holding the second one this year! Of course, I kept my promise and also attended year two. And to give back to the Universe, I purchased my ticket pass this time. 😁

This year's edition spanned three days (February 26-28), and was again jampacked with speakers and activities. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend most of the sessions live, but good thing was that all of it were recorded and can be watched via the replay links.

Here are the sessions that I was able to attend to:

Master Your Destiny in the Year of the Metal Ox
Susanne Schutz

I learned that my birth chart is not only governed by a single animal sign. In fact, it consisted of several
signs depending on the year, month, day, and hour of my birth. That was a life-changing information!

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) To Fast Track Life's Success... EASILY!
Ulysses Wang

This is one of my favorite speeches in the festival. How I wish I was able to attend this live. His session was very interactive and he has such contagious energy while doing the speech.

From Diversity to Unity: Bridging the Cross-Cultural Gap
Lindsay Lovejoy, Swaady Martin, Quino Reyes, Mei Lai Swan & Becky White

It was interesting to hear their opinions about diversity in race and culture, and how their background has affected them personally in life.

Live Life by Design
Sanaiyah Gurnamal

It was another informative session from the OG mentor herself. She taught us techniques to visualize a version of ourselves who already has all the things that we are aspiring for. With her guidance in meditation, I was able to see in my mind a confident and healthy version of myself wearing this yellow mustard top with black bottoms. I felt lots of positive energy after that session.

Understand the Woman's Hormone Cycle
Pauline Goossens

This was such a very info-loaded session. Through her talk, I learned more about the cycle that happens to me every month and because of that, I became more compassionate with myself because I understand now that my mood swings are caused by hormones.

Sexuality: Setting Boundaries, Expression vs Repression, and Safety
Dr. Rica Cruz, Shayoon Mendeluk, Dr. Rebecca Singson, Bandana Tewari, Toni Tony & Stephanie Zubiri

I still have a lot of reservations about this topic, because of certain experiences I've had in the past. But this episode helped me in my steps towards destigmatizing sex. I'm relearning what sex is in the right and safe way, and so I'm thankful for all the conversations that opened up during this session.

Liberation from Emotional Pain
Hiro Miyazaki
I learned about this mantra: I will be here for myself. I am not alone. I am special. I am love.

How to Integrate Practical Self-Care into your Lifestyle
Belinda Ngassa
It was a delight to listen to Belinda throughout the session because she's such a source of warm positive energy. 

Body Positivity | A Mini-Panel on Learning To Love Your Body
Aarti Olivia Dubey, Chaya Keswani & Gelli Victor

Of course I attended this session to support Gelli! (#EvesGang unite!). It was very empowering to hear from the two ladies on this session who might have opposite lifestyles but both radiate the same confident energy. I love it!

Again, the festival didn't disappoint. I might not remember everything the speakers said in the sessions (😅), but for sure I would always recall how they made me feel and how they inspired me to become a better version of myself. ✨

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