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June 30, 2021

This post marks my 800th entry on the blog. Wild, right? I have never thought that I would be writing for this site for this long. This idea that happened to pop in my mind one morning on my way to work has become the most consistent thing in my life so far

The blog has transformed through the years, and I have witnessed how the blogging landscape has changed. From that time that blogging slowly rose its influence in mainstream media up 'til the transition to vlogs and TikToks, I have been here, silently documenting my life. The way advertising has changed also. If previously, brands would invite bloggers to their events, this time it's more of a vlogger's world. I did contemplate transitioning to that medium, but I think my first love would always be writing (plus I'm not really that comfortable speaking in front of the camera 😅). But I have to say that vlogging is a more lucrative sideline, especially if you know how to run YouTube ads

It's 2021, a decade after I started this site. Have I grown tired writing on this site? Was all the hours that I poured into writing these hundreds of posts worth it?

My answer will always be a resounding YES. Here's my reasons why:

  1. I enjoy the process of writing. Time and time, I have proved to myself that this is something that makes me happy. I can go on a whole day just writing on the blog and I will not feel the hours pass by. I do believe this is one of my ikigai. The process is also therapeutic for me. Aside from journaling on a physical notebook, writing online about my emotions and experiences help me process them and reflect on them.
  2. The blog allows me to reach out to more people with similar interests. Again, we go back to the concept of the serendipity vehicle. This blog allowed me to connect to people that I really won't be able to meet in real life. I was able to go on adventures, attend events, and receive prizes all because of this blog. I might not receive much PR events now, the great ones I receive are comments from my readers! 💖
  3. The blog helped me become comfortable with writing. Working on posts trained my mind to translate my emotions and ideas into words, and the skill of writing became truly useful in other aspects of my life, notably at work. I get to write emails and technical documentations at ease.
  4. Blogging allows me to exercise critical thinking. Aside from my personal experience, I also write about books that I have read and also movies/series that I have watched. Through this exercise, I get to practice coming up with my own opinion about the content that I just consumed. I believe this is a good mental exercise because I'm not just passively consuming content, but instead I'm also being an active critic about it.
  5. I have an accessible diary online. Whenever I feel down (or maybe just bored), I randomly read my old blog posts. I would always feel awed by my old self's write ups. The blog also has proved to be useful when I just wanted to share something with my friends.

These are the core reasons why I continue writing here. The following are just add-on perks that serve as icing on my blogging cake 🎂:

If you are someone who is thinking of starting a blog, here are some tips that I can give you:

  • Write about something you love. Inspiration and ideas will surely follow you.
  • Find bloggers that will inspire you. I have a list of blogs that comprise my reading list and I just enjoy reading entries from them. I make sure to also comment on their posts because I know how much those can make bloggers happy! 😁
  • If having online exposure is one of your goals, submit your blog on sites that curate top blogs on every niche. As of this writing, I am part of the top 70 lifestyle blogs in the Philippines on Feedspot.
I made it mom! 😍

The main goal of the blog has always been to track my life goals. Things just naturally went beyond that. It amazes me because people just find the blog organically.

For sure, starting the blog has opened a creative path for me, and I am thoroughly enjoying the journey, one step at a time. 😉

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