Aiming at Archery [★]

August 30, 2013

Archery is such a noble sport, for me that is. It's a skill possessed by generals and soldiers during wars of centuries ago. Today, I think this skill is just done as a hobby (alongside fencing, and other similar sports). I never had an interest on archery, until the day when my friends had an idea to actually try it out.

We visited this archery range named Kodanda which is located at the upper basement of Makati Square. The rate for using the facilities is Php500/hour (+Php30 for the target board).

We were provided each a bow, 4 arrows, and some body accessories (attached to the arm, fingers) for protection. Each has its own isle (much like in bowling) with the target board posted at the end. You can choose from several distances to place the target. Since we were beginners, we chose the easiest one, the nearest distance for the target board. There are instructors there who would guide you of the basics so going there with zero knowledge would just be okay (haha I am one of those).

First thing's first, you have to determine on which hand you are more comfortable pulling the string of the bow.  I am left-handed but I felt like I would do better if I arrange the bow right-handedly. Also, using only one eye to aim at the target is better. Which eye to use would depend on which hand you are holding the bow. I got really confused with this rule. If my memory is correct, what you have to do is this:


bow: right hand
eye open : right

bow: left hand
eye open: left

photo by Relie Ruan

photos by Relie Ruan
 Maybe because of lack of sleep, it was a little difficult for me to focus on the target because I mixed up the rules above. The result? Several of my arrows went flying everywhere, past the board, even landing on another person's target board. xD In spite of that, I was still able to shoot the yellow area in some of the rounds. ^___^

It was a really fun experience. Hope we get to visit the place once again!


On a side note:
I just realized that I'm a Sagittarius and archery is my sign! :p

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