Blog Goes Through Makeover (Once Again!) [✏]

August 03, 2013

Well you can see it with your own eyes, right? The blog has transformed yet again! I think the last time I did this was a year ago already.

the old blog layout
new blog layout
I am just so glad that the blog grows along with me. It's been my outlet of a lot of memories and emotions that I had for the last few years.

Thank you to all the random audiences that come to land to my humble home. As of this writing, the counter has reached 31,000 total views just from my own country alone! That is truly overwhelming. :')

For the next months (and hopefully years!) to come, I will continue to deliver and publish materials here on this site that I think will interest and inform all of you. So keep my page on your bookmarks. I have a LOT of exciting stuff for my readers (the to-post queue is continuing to grow longer by the day). :D

Stay tuned and in the mean time, enjoy the new look of my site. ^___________^

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