Food Trips: Sakae Sushi - SM Mall of Asia [☝]

August 04, 2013

Before I left my previous office, my colleagues were kind enough to give me a "send-off party" on my official last day. The venue was at Sakae Sushi in SM Mall of Asia! :D

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I wanted to try something different and a colleague suggested this. I really like how the different kinds of sushi are served in colorful plates that move around a line at the side of the tables. It's also convenient because once you enter the restaurant, you can start eating immediately because the food is already there ready to be served!

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You just need to have quick eyes to target the dishes that you want among the ones moving on the line already. 

The colorful plates signify the price of the dish on it.

blue plate - 59
yellow plate - 79
green plate - 99
purple plate - 109
red plate - 109

Those prices apply to regular orders. Good thing they also have this All-day Sushi Buffet that only costs Php399 for adults and Php249 for kids. Because the unli-buffet option is more affordable and practical, we opted to go with that. In addition to unlimited servings of any dishes of your choice, the package also includes refillable green tea (hot or cold) and one serving of hot miso soup.

There are also condiments like sushi sauce and wasabi .

It was easy to get full because the sushi feels heavy on the stomach. Aside from the maki, there also other dishes there like chicken and tofu. In total, I think I was able to consume 5 plates of dishes for the night. I really enjoyed the cold green tea (I love green tea!!). The miso soup was a perfect match with the dishes.

It's a nice place to eat out, especially if you want to do some adventure and you like Asian cuisines. A big thanks to my colleagues who treated me there. ^_________^

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