Sound Bites: Ailee - Love on Top (Cover) [☝]

August 20, 2013

It's been one of those days wherein I just stayed at home for so long that I got bored and just surfed the internet for random stuff. While I was doing that, I was also listening to my player with the playlist on random. That's when I got to learn Ailee.

I heard a song from Ailee on my player then I got curious about her because I have heard that she was bestowed the title of The Beyonce of Korea. I searched videos of her from Youtube and I found her doing covers (unsuprisingly) of Beyonce's songs. I particularly found her version of "Love On Top" very fascinating because this just shows how powerful a singer she is. With the song's incrementing high notes, it would be obvious if your vocal range is beyond the demands of the song. That's why when I saw that she did a cover of it, I was curious on how she performed. 

Track: Love on Top
Original Artist: Beyonce Knowles
Cover by Ailee
KBS Immortal Song 2

The first time I watched it, I was really blown away because she is good. Boy, she can really sing. I love the quality of her voice. It is very powerful. However the second time I played the video, I noticed that she was actually straining her voice a little bit (especially on the latter parts) to reach the high notes. It was evident in her face that she was breathless at the end of the performance. Also, I wished she tweaked the song a little bit to mix with her own singing style. Comparing her performance with the original would be inevitable, so here below is a live version of the song performed by no other than Beyonce herself.

You can see (and feel at the sound of her voice) that it was effortless for her to reach the high notes of the song. She even did an extra higher octave part at the end of the song, which hyped the energy of the crowd even more! Beyonce truly is a performer. :D

Going back to Ailee, I also discovered that she can speak English very well because apparently she grew up in New Jersey.

I am really fascinated with KPOP stars who can converse in English well. The likes of Tiffany, Jessica, Krystal, CL are very fascinating for me to watch because for once, the language barrier is gone and I can directly understand the artists' expressions and messages.

  With Ailee, yet again, I have found another KPOP artist with amazing talent. :)


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