Be Inspired by Reading, Listening to the Right Things [★]

October 23, 2013

Whenever you feel down, there would always be a source of inspiration somewhere out there to help you get back up. These sources may come to you upfront, or in some situations, it's you who should find them.

In my case, whenever I lose the drive to live (i know, how morbid xD), I get fueled again by focusing on positive thoughts and positive people. :)

See No Evil
There are lots of helpful stuff online. Some of my favorites are marcandangel (which I have featured in the blog before), lifehacker (my most favorite site of them all!), and my newly discovered zenpencils.

my recipe for positive vibes online
Hear No Evil
I'm into podcasts. I love listening to something while on the road or when I feel sleepy at the office. My default choice is to listen to nice tracks in my playlist, but if I still get heavy-eyed with the music, I listen to the morning rush podcasts. I love these dj trio! I've seen them twice already (read my post during the first tmr book signing and when I visited them in the booth). Heaven knows how listening to the podcast saved me out of boredom and depression back in the days. I'll never get tired of listening to them. Even if I had already listened to one episode live while they're actually on-air, I still download the podcast and listen to it. And I still get to laugh at their jokes. The Morning Rush is the best morning radio show on earth.

Also, there's my Victory and TED Talks podcasts. The former gives me spiritual inspiration while the latter one feeds my mind with priceless knowledge. 

Speak No Evil
You also need to surround yourself with positive people that can give you the best vibes for the day. If you manage to find one, you'll know they'll be for keeps. 

These are my recipes for managing a happy and positive life. Make it yours too. :D

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