Yoga - Exercising the Mind and Soul [❦ ~ #4]

October 12, 2013

I have been practicing yoga for quite sometime now. Ever since I took it as a PE during college, I became drawn to it. Good thing our class back then required us to have our own yoga mat. Now I have something to use every time I practice on my own at home.

The Best Fit for Me
Yoga is the kind of exercise that I was looking for all along. Before, I have been searching for a kind of workout that I can do indoors and that demands only a little space. Jogging was never an option for me. I don't want my neighbors to know me as this girl who passes by their houses running on a quiet Sunday morning. No one really jogs at our neighborhood so it was uncomfortable for me to do something like that in our area.

Lack of Consistency
From time to time, I practice yoga after work. However, most of the time I fail to do so because I was feeling too tired (or too lazy). I can see that I am not really making any progress on mastering the poses. Also, I was stuck with the set of poses that I have learned in my PE class. Moreover practicing yoga would have helped a lot also in making me lose weight, but I was not making any signs to move forward.

The Perfect Opportunity
I am so happy I was able to attend this one Wellness Talk that we had in the office: Stress Management Workshop. I was not (yet xD) really stressed about my work but I got curious because the talk included tips about yoga and meditation and how it can improve our over-all well being. I learned in the talk later on that a yoga studio is actually located near our office and we can have classes there from experienced trainors. I was very thrilled about it. Two weeks after, I found myself taking my first yoga class at yoga+.

Yoga+ Makati Branch is just a few distance walk from my office. Since I get out of work early, I managed to go to their classes in the afternoon. During this week, I was able to try their Flow, Hot B and Jivamukti classes. After taking the first two classes, my body was aching all over. I have never felt so much muscle pain in my life like this. My neck, shoulders, arms, waist, thighs, and legs were aching! Despite of that, I still pursued on my third class. Yoga makes me feel a different kind of relaxation after each session. I would find myself calm and invigorated everytime I step out of the studio. I feel more energetic after the 1 1/2 hour class unlike when I get home straight from work. It truly relaxed not just my body, but my mind too.

New Poses to Master
Before, I always thought I could self-study yoga. However, I was wrong. It really helps when you have a teacher to guide you. They instruct you step-by-step on how to do the poses. They also get to correct you. Also, having a teacher around allows you to learn new poses. 

Speaking of that, I learned the following poses (and more!) during my classes this week and I am planning to include them into the 30-minute yoga routine that I have:

There are a lot of areas that I need to work on. Good thing I have fresh knowledge now from my instructors at yoga+. 

I will to return on the mat again soon. Namaste!


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